Industrial brands

Industrial brands

The success of HASLER Group is driven by the international expansion of the JF Investment Group and the large range of products under four trademarked brands.


Established in 1927 near Rouen, France, Aoustin’s growth first expanded within the petrochemical industry. Since the 1960’s, the filters have been installed for phosphoric acid production in over 90 locations worldwide. They provide the largest range of active filtration area, ranging from 9 m² to 250 m² (96 – 2690 ft²). Thanks to its unique design and build, Aoustin table filters have proven to have the most operating flexibility with the lowest operating costs.


Founded in 1882 in Paris, Filtres Philippe® started out engineering and developing major liquid/solid separation equipment such as the vertical filter press and the continuous horizontal plate filter press. In 1947, Filtres Philippe® built the first industrial vacuum belt filter for phosphoric acid filtration. With new products introduced over the years including air box systems, curbs and mechanical tables, today there are more than 1000 vacuum belt filters installed worldwide for over 200 different applications.


Established in 1869 in Lyon, France, Filtres Vernay® filters were the basis for major inventions like the vacuum drum filter, created in 1910. Filtres Vernay® joined RPA Process in 1996 adding a new realm of equipment to our fleet.


Established in 1949, Malaxeurs Guittard® joined RPA Process in 1993, adding batch mixers, granulators and continuous processors to our array of process equipment. Using the newest technologies, Malaxeurs Guittard mixers are engineered to provide a complete and homogenous blend for the challenges of mixing high-viscosity materials. Through internal product development, company acquisitions and partnerships with companies such as O’Toole, Eurofilco and UTV, design and functionality continue to improve over time.


Founded in the 80s, Novamix® developed specifically for powders in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, the Novamix® delivers outstanding performance thanks to its tulip-shaped form and grinding system that guarantees a consistently uniform mixture.
The specially shaped blades break down agglomerates to produce granulates.
The housing and all the rotating parts are designed to guarantee consistent granulation and a uniform mixture for a wide range of products.
The tulip-shaped form of the vessel helps to redistribute unprocessed material and a special grinder ensures that there are no dead zones.
The required grain size can be obtained by adjusting the rotation speed and the grinder’s operating interval.