Mixers are made of a visible mechanical part named « head » and a hydraulic part in the tank named wetted parts The performance of the industrial process highly depends on sizing and design of the complete mixer and specifically on the type of the impeller. For many years, the LUMPP® mixer has been designing a wide range of impellers that answer even the highest demanding specifications of our clients as well as different models of heads that insure reliability and durability of our mixers.

The mixer is a unit configured specifically for water treatment, chemical treatment,

mining and industrial operations. Vertical stirrers offer tailor-made solutions for open tank applications. Ideal for open tank mixer applications in any volume, the mixer’s high powered impeller provides greater flow and better velocity distribution throughout the tank. Lumpp offers agitators equipped with motor redecutors ranging from 0.55 to 600kw on the motors. Many processes are covered by our agitators. Indeed, our industrial agitators operate on temperature variations from 0 to 300 ° C and pressure variations up to ten bars. This range of agitators has been specially designed to cover most of the customers’ usual stirring needs, and to be effective with viscosity up to 1500 cps. The agitators ensure optimum efficiency of mixing operations from the simplest to the most complex.

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    • Waste and water treatment
    • Final blends : paint, ink, fine polymers
    • Reagent preparation: metallurgy, fine chemistry, polymerization
    • Flood : flavors, syrups, sweets, starch, yeas
    • Beverage : wine, beer, alcohol, oil
    • Bioenergy
    Technical sheet

    Main uses in the following applications :

    • Waste and water treatment
    • Final blends: paint, ink, fine polymers
    • Reagent preparation: metallurgy, fine chemistry, polymerization
    • Food: flavors, syrups, sweets, starch, yeast, aminoacids
    • Beverage: wine, beer, alcohol, oil
    • Bioenergy: small volumes for fermentation, liquefaction, washing...

    Customer benefits

    • Standard product, easily available
    • Covers most of homogenization needs
    • Short delivery time

    Key features

    • Power from 0.18 to 30 kW
    • Speed from 1,500 to 10 rpm
    • Shaft length up to 6,000 mm
    • Available wetted part material: stainless steel, carbon steel, rubber, halar covered, coating, resin…
    • ATEX certified
    • Impeller diameter up to 3,000 mm
    • Equipped with high performance propeller or turbine

    Maturations mixers - wastewater treatment