Heavy duty mixers

Agitateurs XXL et racleurs

LUMPP®‘s heavy-duty mixers are designed and manufactured to handle very demanding processes in very large tanks. Heavy-duty mixers are designed to handle high loads and high torque. Most heavy duty LUMPP mixers show impressive features.

  • Equipment reliability for years
  • Installation eased with the help of LUMPP®’s supervision and start-up team

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  • Phosphoric acid industry
  • Various hydrometallury processes: Ni, Zn, Au, Co, Cu
  • Biogaz production
  • Polymerization processes.
  • Fermentation ...
Technical sheet

Key features :

  • Torque handled up to 96,000 Nm.
  • Shaft length up to 20,000 mm
  • Rakes up to 34,000 mm diameter
  • Impeller up to 9,000 mm diameter
  • Available wetted part materials: 316L, 52N+, UB6, titanium, nickel alloys, inconel G30, various rubber coating (Halar, Ebonite, PTFE, PVDF..)
  • ATEX certified
  • Impellers such as high performance propellers, specific rakes, turbines

Super duplex stainless steel rake Phosphoric acid

Material expertise

Lumpp® has been involved for many years in numerous corrosive applications. Lump has therefore developed a specific knowledge in handling, forming and fabricating reactive material such as titanium, tantalum, zirconium.The mixers can be manufactured with all these reactive metals. Nos agitateurs peuvent être fabriqués à partir de ces métaux spéciaux.