Rake for Clarifier or thickener

Racleur-épaississeur et clarificateur

LUMPP rakes are designed to work in tanks from 10 to 35 m in diameter, requiring an automatic lifting device. The function of the scraper in the tanks is to concentrate and remove the sludge concentrated in solids up to 30%.

Optimizing your clarification or thickener tank

LUMPP engineers optimize the separation of liquids and solids by drawing on 30 years of experience in:

  • the production of phosphate fertilizers,
  • hydrometallurgical plants like nickel.

A connected and reliable scraper

The robust and compact safety device detects overloads in the tank, an automaton triggers the height adjustment of the rakes reducing the resistance. Thus the scraper operates continuously.
Different types of materials depending on your market. Basic stainless steel, 314L, Super Duplex, nickel or titanium alloying, etc …
HASLER Group can provide a central tank feeding solution (feedwell)
Thanks to its expertise, HASLER Group offers rheology analyzes in the laboratory to help you size your installation.

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    Specialized range for rakes in fertilizers and hydrometallurgy markets

    • Centrally driven,
    • Centrally mounted
    • Automatic Lifting device
    • Suitable for central or lateral discharge
    •  A Tailor-made design optimized for your needs

    Proficiency :

    •   Engineering and Design
    •   Assembly
    •   Services : commissioning, start-up, after sales (Worldwide cover)

    Technical features

    Rake functions :

    • Move the thickened sludge toward the central discharge cone or lateral outlet
    • Recover the clear overflow liquor


    Technical features :

    • Tank diameter: up to 40 m
    • Useful volume: up to 18 000 m3
    • Rate of solid: from 0,5 to 25%
     •Nominal torque for standard range :

           up to 96 500 N.m

    • Overload protection by torque monitoring system and automatic lifting action
    • Material: 316L, 904L, Super Duplex SS (1,4507), Carbon steel rubber lined…

    Drive head and control cabinet:

    Driving head and cabinet control of industrial rake

    Tubular shaft

    tubular shaft for industrial rake

    • For main vertical rake shaft
    • For arm rake
    • Coupling flange for the arms


    • Support welded on shaft
    • Blade bolted on support
    • Blades adjustable


    • Adjustable
    • Support Welded on shaft