For many years, our Assistance Service team  supports its customers and provide relevant recommendations for making optimal use of your equipment.

Closer to you with our remote guidance tool

  • Enhance your productivity with an immediate and relevant reply, directly from one of our specialist.
  • Optimize your costs : We provide you technical advices online via your internet connection.
  • Get expert advices easily, regardless of your telephone and computer equipment
    Our augmented reality system is a XMReality® solution

voir la video Hasler Assist

The new Online Help Tool,

HASLER ASSIST, a new online guidance tool connecting a PC to a smartphone, or 2 smartphones together. HASLER ASSIST shows the technician what is happening on site. It also allows you to take videos, photos and share documents. It has been used previously with several HASLER customers with conclusive results.

Functionalities :

  • Assistance call
  • Screen sharing
  • Video / photo recording
  • Tool display
  • Precise advice and guidance on plans
  • Real-time actions / instant chat
Multi-activities service
    Expertise and Troubleshooting :
    Weight or volumetric feeders
    Process calibration and optimisation
    Curative and preventive maintenance
    Revamping and modernisation
    Expertise and Troubleshooting :
    Vertical stirrer, rake
    Control of the installed equipment
    Visualisation of the operation
    Revamping and modernisation
    Expertise and Troubleshooting :
    Vacuum drum filters, Table filters and Rotary Drum Filters
    Visualisation of the operation
    Mechanical auditing
    Expertise and Troubleshooting :
    Twin screw extruder, granulator, kneader, GUITTARD, HASLER and other
    Curative and preventive maintenance
    Mixing optimisation

    The remote diagnostic

    HASLER Group develops of a diagnostic and maintenance tool that breaks the bounds of time and distance when performing comissioning, maintenance or checking operations on production lines.

    The principle of remote diagnostic

    If you have trouble with your dosing system or production line after having made changes, you call us and download the concerned parameters.
    This system allows the control through the phone line of your local PC by the remote PC located in the HASLER Group office.
    Thus we’ll be able to help you solve the problem directly from our office, saving money and time.

    Our customer service team is available in order to answer all your requests, in terms of technical assistance & trouble shooting but also commissioning, assemblying, maintenance, starting production, repairs, trainings, material tests, process tests




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