At HASLER Group, our supervisor’s team is focusing on site to ensure the continuous operation of your equipments.

Our supervisors :

are in the search of constant improvement of the equipements running parameters.


Consulting for a close cooperation with you on your service needs. Our qualified team will give and realize for you the relevant actions on the machines to improve your production and the reliability of the equipements.

HASLER Group will help you for accurate commissioning of your equiments like weighing or dosing systems, rotating filters, vacuum belt filters or table filters, agitators or mixing machines.

Our expertise is possible on all brands of equipments. The existing mechanics will be learned quickly by our specialits in order to perform the adjustements of the parameters on the machine.

Our proposal integrates the commissioning of your equipments with the last available technology & our advises for proper maintenance

When you require commissioning with a quality level, performance level , consistency and control in your process, HASLER lines up as your main services partner for industrial your industrial process.


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