HASLER Group a supplier of technical supervision and erection in the field of dosing, filtration, mixing machines.

For many years, HASLER Group has supported companies and end users around the world to assemble, install, maintain and upgrade their equipment.
Our team provides a support service which ensure a proper assemblying an optimum work for each erection of your equipments.

Our offer consists of two different options for a service adapted to your needs :

  • Supervision :
    one skilled mounting specialist goes on your site in order to manage all the assemblying phases. His responsibility is to guide your mounting team in order to perfom the machine’s assembly in compliance with HASLER’s requirements.
  • Mounting :
    HASLER Group is in charge to provide the complete field service team for assemblying, including one supervisor and the necessary mechnical team.

Our customer service team is available in order to answer all your requests, in terms of assemblying but also commissioningassemblyingmaintenancestarting productionrepairsrevampingtrainingsmaterial testsprocess tests



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