HASLER Group has a maintenance team fully dedicated to propose all industrial services around a new or existing HASLER Group equipment.


Because HASLER Group propose essential equipment used in the critical path of the customer process, HASLER Group is aware of an efficient support service is mandatory to optimize operating conditions for each of equipment.
HASLER Group follows up as operationnal provider in the industrial processes, whether it is in the chemistry, fertilizers, mining or environment ….

HASLER Group carry out the maintenance necessary for the production needs or the maintenance of equipments during stand still period.

HASLER Group, a services supplier for industrial companies undertaking concern by keeping good production conditions, is able to answer this need thanks to :

  • Its capacity to employe personnel highly qualified and experimented teams in the industrial.
  • Its big flexibility, its nearness and the contribution of adapted and personalized solutions
  • Its reliability, its anticipating
  • Its continuous innovation and the constant development of its process equipement
  • Its priority objective  added value contributionin the manufacturing process
  • Its Management capacity.

Scope :

Beyond of the maintenance optimization, HASLER Group also proposes you a reactive after-sales service, a remote technical assistance and a dedicated service team.

Supply of spare parts:

In addition to our maintenance field team, we make and supply all the spare parts and the consumables on all the devices of our range and mainly the «capitals» parts protecting from this fact the proper functioning of your equipments.

Our customer service team is available in order to answer all your requests, in terms of equipement’s maintenance but also commissioning, erection, starting production assistance, repairstrainingsmaterial tests, process tests



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