HASLER Group as a repair center in workshop.

Since many years, HASLER Group has developped a technical expertise in all mechanical systems of mixers, feeders and filters, but also in electronic controllers.

HASLER Group relies on a network of highly skilled professionals which are selected to ensure a repair that meets our technical requirements in order to guarantee the quality of the repaired component.

Our service team guarantee an optimal exchange of information with your technicians and provide a cost estimate within a few days.

Send us your HASLER defective components and we will repair them on request.

Optimize the life of your equipment by repairing defective parts of your brand equipment :

By regularly replacing your wearing parts, you extend the life of your equipments and allow it to maintain its efficiency over time.

Our customer service team is available in order to answer all your requests, in terms of repair but also commissioning, assemblying, maintenance, starting production assistance, maintenance, trainings, material tests, process tests



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