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Apron extractor weigh feeder

  • Apron extractor weigh feeder
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Flow Measurement is the process of measuring materials such as Fly ash, Ground slag, Filter dust, Raw meal, etc..

Flow measurement can be defined as the quantification of movement of a material. The flow measurement is assumed as the oldest recorded work in the instrumentation field. In the industry, flow measurement is of great importance as for every process control of raw materials, the characteristic of flow is required.

 However, raw materials typically represent the largest single cost associated with production. Therefore, accurate flow measurement is desirable to ensure that the correct amounts of raw materials are fed to the process so as to reduce waste.

The Flow meter serves to record and control the flow rates of free-flowing bulk products. These can include powders or granular materials presenting no risk of explosion. Almost of the times, the bulk product passes through the dosing equipment under the force of gravity.

Raw materials react with each other on a mass basis so HASLER Group has designed dedicated range of equipment for flow measurement :

  • FLOW wich is a Heavy duty impact flowmeter for powdery materials with settling chamber,
  • Gran for continuous weighing of small granular free flowing materials.
  • Smart flow feeders FLOWRIT with BY-PASS that diverts the material through the by-pass channel to allow, first the blowing cleaning of the first weighed channel, and secondly, the automatic zero calibration of the measuring channels during normal production.

You can measure and regulate flow through a variety of electronic devices. These controllers determines the feed rate in kg/h or t/h based on the force signals from the weighing units. Each weigh feeder needs a system of regulation in order to respect the instruction of flow. These regulators PID (Proportional Integral and Derivative) function uninterrupted or in batch. They are integrated in cases guarantors to the standards of insulation and etancheite. The consoles of control and dialogue facilitate the man-machine interfaces.

HASLER Group’s range of electronic for flow measurement is represented by :

  • BFC, This electronic controller groups the functions of Flow Meter and totalizer.
  • WFC  is a single feeder control module to acquire and process feeder inputdata, command signals and to pilot the motor drive unit.
  • SCM3 Panel or Field. The SCM-3 is a controller module including regulation and control functions.

Customer benefits

  • Accuracy ± 1%
  • Modular apron width
  • Long lasting reference in our range of products
  • Constant technical evolution
  • Available in 4 widths as a standard
  • Easy maintenance


  • Entirely closed (Option)
  • Double chain traction
  • Embedded digital weigh system
  • Speed control system of the feeding movement
  • Inspection doors to ease maintenance


Digital load cell


Spillage Conveyor :

One or more cross scraper(s) driven by two side chains recover the particles that escaped from the weighfeeder and bring back to the common discharge.

Other options :

Rod closing gates


The SCM-3 controller directly receives the signals and informations from the sensors: weight, speed and Index. It can calculate the flowrate, totalization and speed control signal.
Informations and alarms are deported on the SDU display

* SCM-3 Field or Panel Version : See SCM-3-F.260.001-E or SCM-3-P.260.001-E

Flow controllers for SCM-3 conveyor belts

Mobile application

The SCM-3 is supplied with a Process Display Unit off ering a 5-inch touch screen and 16.7 million colors.
As an option a mobile application is proposed.

Dimensions and weights

80003040300 t/h3300550466012801724900600 x 6002040*(+450)4000
10003040390 t/h330055046604801924900800 x 8002040*(+450)5000
12003520480 t/h37805505140168021249001000 x 10002040*(+450)7100
14003520570 t/h37805505140188023249001200 x 12002040*(+450)8200

*With spillage conveyor


Technical data

Protection classIP55
Load cellsDigital
Weight maximum load+ 1000 kg
Installed powerfrom 1,5 to 11 kW
Gear box / reducerHelical bevel gear unit
TransmissionDirect on head drum
Material temperatureup to 200° C (Option: up to 300° C with cooling device)
Speed sensorDigital encoder
Girders and coverS235JRG2
Apron conveyorS235JRG2
Corrosion protectionPrimer and finish coat
Color and coatingRAL 5000 blue, 80μ standard

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