Smart flow feeders

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Available in three sizes : 60, 200 and 400


Measures : Channels 1 and 2 are both equiped with a digital load cell. The first one measures the material weight (FR) acting perpendicularly on the chute, and the second evaluates the speed (FP).

Régulation : The informations obtained allow the controller to calculate the flowrate and to pilot the mechanical device that regulates the incoming flow according to the setpoint.

Feeding & metering

  • Fly ash
  • Ground slag
  • Filter dust
  • Raw meal
  • etc…

Customer benefits

  • Accuracy better than 1 %
  • Feedrate from 3 t/h to 400 m3/h
  • Two mesuring channels with digital load cells
  • On line automatic taring system
  • Long lasting reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Free flow of material



Flow controllers for SCM-3 weight loss feeders

*SCM-3 : Field or Panel version: see SCM-3-F.260.001-E. or SCM-3-P.260.001-E.

Mobile application

The SCM-3 is supplied with a Process Display Unit off ering a 5-inch touch screen and 16.7 million colors. As an option a mobile application is proposed.


The BY-PASS diverts the material through the BY-PASS channel to allow first the cleaning by air-brush and secondly the automatic zero calibration of the measuring channels during normal production.

The BY-PASS valve is pneumatically activated and the calibration frequency is programmable in the controller.

The zero calibration is carried out during normal production and operating conditions, without flowrate interruption.

Examples for FLOWRIT feeding

Archimedean screw

Rotary star feeder

Flow control gate

The settling chamber

Setting chamber
(side view)

It conditions the material speed and flow behavior at the FLOWRIT inlet. Chains and rakes favor the de-aeration of the material which is then  conditioned by adjustable gates and a siphon type labyrinth. From there, it overflows and enters the measuring channels from a clearly defined height and without any initial horizontal speed.

Upper de-aeration conection (1).
A equilibration channel (2) allows to compensate pressure differential with the mesuring compartment.

Technical Details

Material of construction for BY-PASS and measuring channels: :

Stainless Steel AISI 316
Material of construction or the lining of parts in contact with the material may vary as a function of the application. (ie : highly abrasive materials).

Compressed air supply requirement: 6 to 10 bars, R1/4

All pneumatic devices (pressure reducers, pressure gauges and distributers,...) are mounted on a single panel at the back of the FLOWRIT.


+60 °C < T < 120 °C high temperature version
0 °C < T < 60 °C standard version

Protection :

Protection class for electrical components on the FLOWRIT: IP65

Dimensions and flowrange

Inlet Cross
Section mm
Outlet Cross
Section mm
FLOWRIT 607405601440200L 233 x l 114L 233 x 114 3 t/h à 60 m³/h max
FlOWRIT 20016008602200650L 300 x H 360 maxL 400 x l 56615 à 200 m³/h max
FLOWRIT 40018801260 à 166031001200-1500L 550 x H 340 maxL 490 x l 86030 à 400 m³/h max

(Dimensions with settling chamber for FLOWRIT 200 et 400)

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