Le logiciel et automate de gestion des recettes pour les ligne d'alumine
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HASLER Group has designed a new software integrated with a smart controller that allows recipes management for alumina production lines.

Control/command system centralized and recipe management.

With multiple options HASLER Group’s RMS (Recipe Management Software) can handle up to 16 feeders on one to four lines. Display is also available for each feeder .Gestionnaire de recettes
Our RMS software maintain the process according to your recipes. You can create your own recipes. You can transfer the recipe to the controller and you monitor the set of operations of the line. Recipes can be created and recorded in a database for a future use.

Real time data visualization in the workshop

Data displayed on the screen are easy to understand. General view of your process is with a touch screen of 21. The software offers live viewing of the dosing data, following the recipe’s instructions.
A visualization for each feeder is available. HASLER Group’s RMS offer also an alarm management system:
display / history / acknowledgment. The RMS manages both SCM2 (not longer available for sale) and SCM 3 controller .

Screen page “Line preview”

RMS software is dedicated to visualization and monitoring of HASLER feeders.
Computer is delivered programmed and ready to use : data entry and manipulation. Both can be operated via the touch screen, keyboard, or mouse.
Feeder visualization in a set of dedicated pages up to 16 feeders.

Technical sheet

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    Structure of RMS

    with interfaces, connections and transmission distances.

    RMS Sotftware

    Software components :

    • Man-machine interface
    • Data base
    • Up to 16 feeders per line and 4 lines
    • Controllers : SCM3 and SCM2
    • Recipe management / Line control
    • Alarms / Graphics
    • Import Export

    Power requirements

    • Supply voltage : 100VAC to 230VAC / 100W
    • Supply fréquency: 47 – 63 Hz
    • Max. Power Consuption 100 W
    • Inrush current Max. 2A for 1 cycle of 2 periods

    Communication protocols :

    • Internal communication FTP protocol
    • Transfer of the recipe from computer to controller
    • Client host. : communication Ethernet ModBus TCP
    • Communication table available

    Environmental ratings

    • Area Classification General purpose
    • Operating Ambient temp -20°C à 50°C
    • Storage Ambient Temp -20°C à 60°C
    • Operating Altitude <3000m
    • Max. Humidity 95% at 25°C without condensation (DIN 40040 Class F)
    • Protection rating IP65 (on front panel)

    Hardware requirements for RMS :

    Panel PC with following spécifications :

    • Windows 10 compatibility
    • Cabinet mounting / optional Panel mounting (VESA standard)
    • Touch PAD and keyboard, mouse
    • 1600 * 1200 pixels or 21 ‘’ TFT LCD screen

    Electrical Standards :

    • Electric radiation : EN 50081-2
    • Immunity to signal interference : EN 50082-2
    • Electrical safety : EN 61010-1

    Dimensions of RMS :

    • Length 528 mm
    • Width 336 mm
    • Depth 68 mm
    • Cutting 502x303

    Number of integrated inputs / outputs :

    • Digital input (standard) 24
    • Digital output (Relay) 24  
    • Analog input (isolated) 12  
    • Analog output  (isolated) 12

    Electrical spécifications Remote inputs / outputs :

    Digital Inputs

    • 12 – 24 VDC / 24  VAC

    Digital Output

    • 5 – 24 VDC / Relais SPST-DPDT

    Analog Inputs / Outputs

    • 0 - 20 mA / 4 - 20 mA / 0 – 10 V