LBS (Large Belt Scale)

Belt conveyors for high flow rate and speed

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Function :

The Large Belt Scale is a conveyor belt scale specially built fot outdoor environment in surface mines on belt equipment and mine equipment. it is possible to install the LBS in all known conveyor types (also garlands stations).


  • Weighing
  • Flow rate calculation
  • Totalization
  • All materials conveyed on a belt conveyor

Customer benefits

  • Accuracy : from ±0.5%
  • Discharge totaliztion
  • No field calibration ever required due to 100% digital load cells
  • Easy installaltion thanks to the sate-of-art mechanical design
  • A quality product of HASLER Group


  • Flexible and multi-variant construction
  • Easy maintenance and commissioning
  • Suitable for highest speeds up to 7,0 m/s
  • Flow rates up to 20.000 t/h and counting
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for all conveyor types

Large Belt Scale

Depending on the application (high belt speed and / or flow rate), up to FOUR load cells can be sued as a multi-idlers belt scale. The load cells are connected to the same controller. Only one speed sensor is needed. HASLER can offer a solution also for changing belt directions.

Speed sensor :

The HASLER speed sensor is supplied in an extremely rugged execution. The arm is made of stainless steel. The wheel is out of aluminium with profiled thread. The wheel is pressed under the upper run about a tensioning element. By this the unit is protected against dirtying, humidity and ice on the lower run.


The large Belt Scale is connected to a BFC electronic controller - panel or wall version - having the following interfaces :


3 Configurable isolated digital outputs with programable thresholds: totalizer, alarm, horn

  • 1 Configurable isolated 0/4-20 mA analog output for either: flowrate, current weight, speed, load per meter
  • 2 Configurable isolated digital inputs: out of range acknowledgement, totalizer reset.

In option

Isolated serial communication:

  • Modbus, Ethernet ModbusTCP, Profibus DP - for connection with a PLC or host computer.


The types

The “Large Belt Scale” is offered in four versions. Depending on the application and the belt plant HASLER could submit you a perfect solution. All types have a safety gear execution for the emergency.

Typ1 (Standard)

IPE girder with suspension for load cells and tacho suitable for all standard conveyor belts.

Typ 3

Installation kit with height alignment by means of joint plates


Typ 2

Installation kit with fix idler stations and threaded rod for height ajustment.

Typ 4

Installation kit for direct weighing of garland idlers.


Accuracy : 0,5 – 2,5 % (if installed in an approved conveyor in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification)
Temperature range : -25 °C to +60 °C (-13 °F bis +140 °F)
Protection class : IP65
Belt speed : 0,05 bis 7,0 m/s in case of one weighing station
Flow rate : 20.000 t/h and counting
Slope oft he belt : ≤ 20°, material should not tumble backwards
Max. trough angle : ≤ 45°
Load cell : 100 % digital SFT (Smart Force Transducer)
Standard Colour : RAL 5000 (blue)


Additional module for varying conveying directions.


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