Mammuthus 2000

Apron extractor weigh feeder

Weigh belt feeder for difficult material to extract
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Function :
The MAMMUTHUS 2000 is a device used both as a strong apron feeder and as a common weigh belt feeder. It is specially designed for the big flows.

The speed is controlled according to the material load in order to obtain a constant and accurate flowrate.
The load is measured by two digital load cells (integrated weighbridge) through the rails deflection.
An index flow sensor (one per lap) synchronises the segmented detaring of the empty apron.
A pulse generator integrated to the gear motor gives the speed of the conveyor.
The MAMMUTHUS 2000 is specially designed for high density products in different industrial applications.

Applications – Extraction and weighing :

  • Clay
  • Gypsum
  • Limestone

Customer benefits

  • Accuracy ± 1%
  • Modular apron length
  • Max flowrate : 750 m³/h


  • Entirely closed
  • Double (or triple) chain traction
  • Included digital weighing system
  • Speed control system of the feeding movement
  • Inspection doors for easy maintenance

Main technical points

Special rails (inlet zone) with weighing system

  • Chains with integrated rollers (pitch = 200 mm)
  • Reinforced apron plates
  • Special rails under apron plates at inlet zone to support material impact
  • New weighing bridge with 2 load cells F-SFT-1000-S - length = 1200 mm





The SCM-3 controller directly receives the signals and informations from the sensors: weight, speed and index. It can calculate the flowrate, totalization and speed control signal.
Informations and alarms are indicatedon the SDU display.

Flow controllers for SCM-3 conveyor belts

SCM2 Field or Panel Version : See SCM-3-F.260.001-E or SCM-3-P.260.001-E

Mobile application

The SCM-3 is supplied with a Process Display Unit off ering a 5-inch touch screen and 16.7 million colors.
As an option a mobile application is proposed.

Dimensions and weights

600600 m³/h5200200045001000100010002000700013000
600 m³/h7200400055002000900018000
750750 m³/h5200200045002150700013500

Technical data

Protection classIP55
Load cells2 digital load cells
Weight maximum load+ 2 000 kg
Installed powerapprox. 7,5 - 30 kW
Gear unitPlanetary gear unit
TransmissionDirect on head drum
Working temperature range–10°C to +60°C
Speed sensorDigital Encoder
Girders and coverSteel
Apron conveyorSteel
Color and coatingRAL 5000 blue as a standard, 80 μm

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