Mammuthus clinker

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The MAMMUTHUS CLINKER is a 2 in 1 device both solid extractor and weigh feeder.

The speed is controlled according to the feeder load in order to obtain a constant and accurate flow. The MAMMUTHUS is a device that combines

the robustness of a metal carrier with the function of a conventional belt loader. To obtain an accurate and constant flow rate, the transport speed of the feeder is adjusted in real time according to the material load. The weight is measured by two digital force sensors (integrated weighingbridge) through the deflection of the rail. A detector to pass an index (1 per turn) synchronizes the segmented tare of the empty apron. The conveyor speed of the Mammuthus clinker is given by a pulse sensor integrated into the gear motor. The MAMMUTHUS can extract difficult materials such as clay, hot and abrasive products such as clinker and many others, in different industrial applications.

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