Heavy duty weigh belt feeder for powdery bulk materials

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The POWDRIT weigh belt feeder is used for the continuous, gravimetric feeding of powdery bulk materials. Depending on the material to be handled, the infeed to the POWDRIT is controlled by a suitable prefeeder, i.e. rotary star feeder, feeding gate, etc.
The electronic controller works as an independent unit or integrated in a multi component system. It also controls the prefeeder, depending on the application, by an independent PID control loop as a function of the settling chamber filling level or in a classical double regulation loop, based on the beltload. The electronic controller can be linked to a supervisory process control system via an optional interface module.

Design :

  • Modular feeder design for length and width.
  • Inlet settling chamber with triple skirt preventing material leakage between chamber and belt.
  • Engineered for high rigidity.
  • Patented belt tensioning and auto centring system.
  • High quality conveyor belt with integrated index, cleaned inside and outside by scraper elements.
  • Lateral belt replacement.
  • Standard discharge hood for total dust free operation.
  • Material enclosure between inlet settling chamber and discharge hood as option.

Customer benefits

  • Accuracy : ± 1%
  • Feed rates from 0,4 m3/h up to 200 m3/h
  • Used in all heavy industries
  • Modular length and belt width
  • Customised service
  • High performances

SFT Sensor

SFT an intelligent technique


  • Virtually deflection free weight measurement by the digital SFT load cell with very high resolution (1:1’000’000).
  • Factory calibrated, no calibration weight needed.
  • 100 % digital connection

Weigh belt feeder with options

Cut-off gate Rotary star feeder

Feeding gate

Flow controllers for SCM-3 weight loss feedersElectronic controllers SCM and SDU

Mobile application

The SCM-3 is supplied with a Process Display Unit off ering a 5-inch touch screen and 16.7 million colors. As an option a mobile application is proposed.

Settling chamber schema


Settling chamber

  • For the de-airing and stabilisation of fluidised bulk materials before being conveyed over the weighbridge.
  • Equipped with a set of chain curtains and retention plates; the position of these elements is optimised during start-up as a function of the material flow behaviour.
  • To be connected to the plant dedusting installation for the elimination of the air from the fluidised bulk material.
  • Can be fitted with a «float» level measuring system to control the prefeeder via a dedicated 3-point control loop so as to maintain a preset settling chamber filling level. With this  control concept the material is extracted from the settling chamber with a material bed height given by the shear gate setting


Material density (kg/dm³)0.4
Puverised coal
Pulverised Coal fly ash
Raw meal
Typical materialsTypical flowStandardMaximum
POWDRIT 650Min. min. (t/h) x 2700650 x 4700
Max. max. (t/h)57101214
POWDRIT 800Min. min. (t/h) x 2700800 x 4700
Max. max. (t/h)2025506070
POWDRIT 1000Min. min. (t/h)122221000 x 3100100 x 4700
Max. max. (t/h)355090110135
POWDRIT 1200Min. min. (t/h)233331200 x 31001200 x 4700
Max. max. (t/h)5075130160175
POWDRIT 1400Min. min. (t/h)355551400 x 35001400 x 4700
Max. max. (t/h)6510170210250

Standard regulation ratio: 1:10
Belt width X Distance «material inlet - outlet»

Technical specifications

Feeding accuracy : +/- 0,25 %


  • Motor : AC
  • Protection class : IP 55
  • Rating : 0,55 - 4 kW
  • Geared unit : Hollow Shaft Helical Bevel Gear
  • Transmission: direct, on head drum

Speed sensor : Inductive, integrated in geared motor
Working temperature range: -10°C to +60°C

Standard materials used

  • Girders and hoods : Mild steel
  • Conveyer belt : Rubber: endless vulcanized standard: resistant up to 70°C high temperature:
    resistant up to 120°C

Standard colour : RAL 5000, blue 80 μm thickness


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