Rotary weight feeder – Twin rotaweigh

Double rotary weigh feeder

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The TWIN ROTAWEIGH is a double-stage rotary weight feeder. The weight metering unit allows the dosing of granules, grains or powder. This rotary weight feeder is embedding a weight metering unit which is installed directly on the chassis of the machine. The weight metering system will incorporate weighing sensors (weighing devices) that allow live calculation of the weighfeedrate by the electronic controller and its definition of the right speed response.

The dosage should be as precise as possible, as this directly affects the quality of the product and its cost price. The weight dosage, or dosage per weighing, is a way to guarantee a constant federate for each product (grain or powder) It allows a constant and homogeneous control of the flow of material, a better control of the processing process. The rotary weight feeder is fed from above, directly from a silo, a buffer hopper, or from a pre-doser. The material is successively driven through the two rotating airlocks of the twin rotaweigh to the exit. The articulation, neutral point of the weighing, is in the axis of the material input to cancel the influence of the entry of the material in the TWIN Rotaweigh.

Customer benefits

  • Accuracy : ± 0,5%
  • Material moisture < 1 %
  • Particle size < 1 mm
  • Modular diameter
  • Easy maintenance and commissioning
  • Patent CH1903/81-4 20/03/1981


  • Digital load cells
  • ATEX version
  • Maintenance kit


  • Complete tightness
  • Material quantity measured over 360°
  • Easily removable wear elements
  • ABS system thanks to drive integrated torque limiter
  • Rotation control
  • High temperature version


Informations and signals from the feeder sensors are processed in the SCM controller which calculates the flowrate, the totalization and the regulation signal.

Detailed alarm informations are obtained via the display (SDU).

Flow controllers for SCM-3 weight loss feeders

Field version SCM-3-F-260.001-E or panel version SCM-3-P-260.001-E

Mobile application

The SCM-3 is supplied with a Process Display Unit off ering a 5-inch touch screen and 16.7 million colors.
As an option a mobile application is proposed.

Examples for feeding

Double rotary weigh feeder /// Twin Rotaweigh



TECHNICAL Details : dimensions and flow ranges

Height upper rotor.Amm210330
Total HeightBmm15042000
Entry diameterEmm260340
Height Entry/ExitFmm15041933
Exit diameterGmm260400
Max. Flowrate (case 1 and 3)m³/h46150
Max. Flowrate (case 2)m³/h2375
Approximate PoxerKW2.23.0

Dimensions and drawings are not contractual and can be modified at any time without advance notice.

Materials of construction

  • Frame, stator and rotors : Steel
  • Sealing removable parts : depend on the application. (ie : highly abrasive materials).

Protection class for electrical components


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