SBS (Smart Belt Scale)

Conveyor belt scale

Smart Belt Scale
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Function :
The Smart Belt Scale is a conveyor belt scale specially designed for rugged outdoor environments such as quarries, gravel processing and mining. It is also well suited for any manufacturing process using conveyor belts, including: cement, fertilizer, chemical, tobacco, agro-food, etc… It is designed for easy installation which can be done by the customer’s own maintenance staff.


  • Weighing
  • Flowrate calculation
  • Totalization
  • Dosing of all materials conveyed on a belt conveyor

Weighing parallelogram principle of the conveyor belt scale

Weighing parallelogram principle

All our belt scales are equipped with loadcells mounted in a parallelogram device. This parallelogram is geometrically designed to compensate the overload naturally applied if the charge is off set from the weighing point.
The further is the charge, the higher is the mechanical deformation of the parallelogram in proportion to the overload due to lever eff ect.
As a result, a charge is measured properly no matter its transversal position on the belt.


  • A single model adapts to all conveyor types and a wide range of widths.
  • Easy alignment of the weighbridge.
  • No special tooling required.
  • Totally prewired with cables and connectors supplied for error-free installation.
  • All operational parameters are pass word protected with 2 levels of security (hardware and software).

Entirely modular construction (height and width)


Customer benefits

  • Accuracy : ± 0,2-0,5 %
  • Discharge totalization
  • No field calibration ever required (with digital load cells)
  • Easy installation thanks to the state-of-the-art mechanical design
  • High performances

Smart Belt Scale, Single, Twin and Double (Multi-Station):

Depending on the application (high belt speed and / or flow rate), up to four single idler SBS can be combined to be used as a multi idlers beltscale.The SBS are connected to the same controller. Only one speed sensor is required, either a friction wheel speed pick-up or an incremental encoder mounted on the return drum.


The Smart Belt Scale is connected to a BFC electronic controller - panel or wall version - having the following interfaces:


  • 3 Configurable isolated digital outputs with programable thresholds: totalizer, alarm, horn
  • 1 Configurable isolated 0/4-20 mA analog output for either: flowrate, current weight, speed, load per meter
  • 2 Configurable isolated digital inputs: out of range acknowledgement, totalizer reset.

Data Links

Isolated serial communication :

  • Modbus, Ethernet ModbusTCP, Profibus DP - for connection with a PLC or host computer.

The weighing station

Dimensions and weight

Type Station height
Distance between girders
Belt width approx.Weight of mechanics
Weight of electronics
Total weight packed
SBS 2H-145 mm390 - 500 mm200 - 350 mm34 kg3.4 kg54 kg
L75144 mm
SBS 3H-145 mm500 - 600 mm350 -450 mm38 kg3.4 kg58 kg
L75144 mm
SBS 4H-145 mm600 - 800 mm450 - 650 mm42 kg3.4 kg62 kg
L75144 mm
SBS 5H-145 mm800 - 1000 mm650 -850 mm50 kg3.4 kg70 kg
L75144 mm
SBS 6H-145 mm1000 - 1300 mm850 - 1150 mm60 kg3.4 kg80 kg
L75144 mm
SBS 7H-145 mm1300 - 1600 mm1050 - 1350 mm70 kg3.4 kg90 kg
L75144 mm
SBS 7 TWINH-145 mm1400 - 1600 mm1050 - 1350 mm75 kg3.4 kg120 kg
L75144 mm
SBS 8 TWINH-145 mm1600 - 1900 mm1350 - 1650 mm82 kg3.4 kg128 kg
L75144 mm
SBS 9 TWINH-145 mm1900 -2200 mm1650 - 1950 mm97 kg3.4 kg145 kg
L75144 mm
SBS 10 TWINH-145 mm2200 - 2500 mm1950 - 2250 mm102 kg3.4 kg160 kg
L75144 mm


  • Heating device for temp. as low as -45°C (-49°F)
  • Fertilizer version with special anti corrosion surface treatment and protection of terminal box and screw terminals
  • Ex protection version

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