Büchner Test

  • filtration test called buchner method

Industrialists looking for a vacuum filtration solution need to secure their project.

For this purpose, HASLER Group offers its customers filtration tests, mostly known as the “Büchner Test”.


Filtration tests are key to select the right equipment and meet the expected performances.

For each application, we study a wide range of elements:

  • Slurry characterization
  • Cloth selection
  • Flocculation
  • Cake washing efficiency for optimum recovery
  • Drying efficiency to reduce energy costs

HASLER GROUP’s Process Experts can perform these tests either in our latest state of the art laboratory, or directly at your site with specialists available worldwide.

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    Choose your canvas for your filtration equipment

    Hasler Group provides his canvas to choose the best suited for your application. The choice of the canvas is very important for the following  tests, according to the five parameters:

    • Filtration rate (Kg/h/m²)
    • Quality of filtrates (amount of suspended solids)
    • Cake discharge (clogging or not)
    • Mechanical properties and durability
    • Permeability of the air for cake moisture

    Always looking for innovation HASLER Group can also offers mechanical canvases that limit tensile, tension and even breakage phenomena, thereby reducing downtime thanks to longer life.

    Define the filter that best suits your process

    Horizontal vacuum Belt filter, drum filter or Table filter, depending on your environmental constraints, size, and the characteristics of the process.  From a certyain point of view, the “Büchner test” test makes it possible to define the thickness of the cake, the filter medium, the clarity of the filtrates as well as the quantity of water necessary for washing. This empirical approach allows to evaluate and determine the size of the filter and accessories (vacuum pump, balloon …). Each test is personalized and for each application, we study a wide range of elements:

    • Characterization of the suspension: mass and thickness
    • Efficiency of washing to eliminate the impurities contained in the cake
    • Drying efficiency on the filter to reduce cake moisture to reduce energy costs.

    Industrial extrapolation is one of our specialties, which is why we take into account all the filtration operations. Once this operation is complete we are able to measure the filterability of the product which will allow us to size the filtration unit according to the production objectives of the customer.

    Thus we can anticipate the production risks, ensure the production capacity as well as the operating costs associated with your project. Finally, it allows us to secure our filtration equipment because each component of our vacuum filtration equipment is tailored to the individual needs of our customers to ensure optimal performance.

    You can perform a filtration test in our laboratory or on your site to size the equipment adapted to your process. The qualified engineers of HASLER Group will assist you in setting up your filter and training your teams. For this and for any other information, do not hesitate to contact us!

    Filtration test