Filtres Aoustin®

Vacuum Table Filter Systems

AOUSTIN® table filter systems are designed to meet the needs of large-scale phosphoric acid facilities.
This equipment may also be installed for other applications such as tar sands and alumina.

The AOUSTIN® table filter delivers maximum productivity with its simple and reliable operating design. This results in the smallest maintenance cost of all vacuum filtration technologies. Its filtration area goes up to 320 m2 (3,444 ft2).

Technical sheet

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    Key Features

    • Fewer moving parts than tilting pan designs
    • Corrosion resistant stainless steel for any parts in contact with phosphoric acid
    • Available for wet or dry cake discharge
    • AOUSTIN® table filters eliminate dilution resulting in a high quality finished product
    • Average operating life of 30 + years
    • Reduces clean water requirements with a cloth washwater recovery system
    • Reduced facilities costs with a low overall height
    • Available in a wide range of sizes from 9 m² to 320 m² (96.8 ft² to 3,444 ft²)

    Why choose AOUSTIN® table filter ?

    Thanks to its streamlined design and extremely demanding manufacturing standards, the AOUSTIN® table filter is as reliable as it is rugged. AOUSTIN® vacuum table filters are engineered and constructed to meet our uptime guarantee. Engineered with few moving parts, the filters boast a high rotation speed and a short filtration cycle resulting in a high quality finished product, maximised throughput and no product dilution. HASLER Group has specialised expertise in the fabrication of large-scale precision equipment. This expertise can be seen with the tight tolerances in which we achieve table flatness (+ / - 3 mm), even for table diameters up to 21 meters (69 feet). These tight tolerances enable the table filter to deliver unparalleled performance and lasting durability.

    Filtration area

    ModelActive Filtration Area m2(ft2)Outside Table Diameter m(ft)
    19.0 S(96.9)4.2 (13.8)
    215.0 (161.4)5.3 (17.4)
    323.7 (255.1)6.4 (21.0)
    435.2 (378.9)7.6 (25.1)
    541.4 (445.6)8.2 (27.0)
    653.3 (573.7)9.9 (32.6)
    765.1 (700.7)10.8 (35.4)
    888.1 (948.3)12.3 (40.4)
    9112.1 (1206.6)14.2 (46.6)
    10135.7 (1460.7)15.4 (50.5)
    11157.6 (1696.4)17.1 (56.1)
    11A185.8 (1999.9)18.3 (60.0)
    12211.1 (2272.3)19.4 (63.6)
    12A236.3 (2543.5)21.0 (68.9)
    13263.9 (2840.6)22.5 (73.8)
    14320 (3444.5)24.3 (79.7)


    Product specifiations

    Table Materials

    • 316L, 317L, or 904L stainless steel

    Cake Extraction

    • 304L stainless steel screw with replaceable wear flights of special alloys

    Cloth Washing

    • Cleaning by two spray banks operating from a central manifold

    Material Cake Retention

    • Outer perimeter: endless rubber belt in close contact with table edge, directed away from table at takeout zone for complete materials removal.
    • Inner perimeter: integral rubber hub seal.

    Filter Cloth Media

    • Wide range of available materials and construction

    Central Vacuum Box

    • Efficient distribution network ensures consistent, reliable vacuum performance for maximum liquid extraction.