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Rotary vacuum drum filter systems

  • Rotary vacuum drum filter Filtres VERNAY

Rotary filters are machines for separating a solid-liquid mixture. Rotary filters are ideal if your application requires robustness, minimal footprint, and uses solvents, Filtres Vernay® systems are the best continuous vacuum filtration solutions on the market. It is on the drum that the separation takes place: it is partially submerged in the tank. 

This one is filled with slurry to be filtered, whose solid particles are maintained suspended by the oscillations of the agitator. Depression creates the void inside the drum. This will initiate the separation of the two phases: 

  • The solid phase is drained by the cloth wich is fixed on the drum, while the liquid phase passes through the cloth into the drum and toward the dispenser, to form a cake wich size can vary from 5 to 80 mm. 
  • During the rotation, the cake thus formed leaves the immersed part of the trough to successively undergo a washing operation, a drying and spinning operation at the end of the cycle which reduces the humidity of the cake, before the discharge 
  • After that, the material is separated from the cake, and the discharge will depend on the selected mode.

With units available up to 480 m², Filtres VERNAY® sets the standard in solid-liquid separation technology. This compact filtration technology, available in many different sizes, provides an optimal solution, adapted both to your production objectives and your size constraints.

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    • Gas / liquid separator tank
    • Liquid pumps
    • Vacuum pumps
    • Automatic valves
    • Sensors
    • Optimized control system for filtration processes
    Technical sheet


    Key features

    • Available in a wide range of sizes — from 0.1 m2 to 120 m2 (1.07 ft2 to 1,292 ft2).
    • Choice of frame tank – integral or supported by an independent carbon steel frame
    • Innovative agitator rake design ensures solids remain in suspension and avoids sediment in the systemtank for better materials distribution
    • Wide range of choices for drum material to suit process demand – polypropylene, carbon steel (unlined or rubber-lined), stainless steel, as well as other materials
    • Internal suction pipes are flow-optimized to ensure efficient performance
    • Choice of four discharge styles to meet the needs of a wide range of slurry – scraper, belt/strings, roll, or an automatic micrometric scraper
    • Available for standard pulp of 10% w/w to 0.01% w/w for precoat systems

    Why choose Filtres Vernay®

    With Filtres Vernay®, each system is completely personalised to meet your process demands. You also get the experience that comes from selecting a company who’s been building vacuum drum filters for almost a century. 

    Surface area

    Available ModelsArea / size
    Minimum Maximum
    Drum Diameter mm /Inch750 / 29.524590 / 180.7
    Surface Area m² / ft²0.1 / 1.07120 / 1291.7


    Discharge mode of vacuum belt filter

    Product specifications

    Frame Construction

    • Standard: Frame integrated into tank structure
    • Optional: Carbon steel painted independent frame

    Tank Materials of Construction

    • Standard: 304L, 316L or 904L stainless steel
    • Optional: special alloys, rubberlined carbon steel, polypropylene

    Drum Draining Cells

    • Standard: polypropylene
    • Optional: PVDF, stainless steel

    Filter Cloth Media

    • Materials: monofilament, multifilament and felt
    • Weave Style: plain, twilled, or satin
    • Wide range of mesh sizes, porosities and breaking strengths available

    Operating Parameters

    • Temperature: up to 110° C (230° F)
    • Vacuum: -110 mm Hg to -650 mm Hg
    • Rotating speed: 0.6 min/revolution to 5 min/revolution
    • Final moisture content: as low as 4%
    • Minimum op. temperature : +5°C.

    Standard Features

    • Rake-style tank agitator
    • Central distribution valve
    • High-efficiency design with low-cost wear parts
    • Gear-driven drum using rugged motor

    Optional Features

    • Frame hood
    • Fully enclosed non-vapor-tight hood
    • Vapor-tight hood for vacuum atmosphere
    • Press rollers for combination of vacuum and pressure filtration to extract liquid
    • Micrometric scraper using simple mechanical system or two-gear reduced electromechanical system