Filtres PHILIPE Horizontal Vacuum Belt filter.
Published on : 06 December 2021

139 years old : what a birthday !

An anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate our origins, but also to celebrate the evolution of our Brand Filtres PHILIPPE®  ! This timeline succeeds very well in telling the prodigious story of the brand, which continues to this day, and highlights the strength of the visual identity of the brand which, despite the years and several profound changes, has stood the test of time.


Filtres PHILIPPE® was founded in 1882 in Paris.

The company was created by Alfred Philipp who give it his name. lt specialized in cloth pocket filters, invented by Mr Philippe. This filter found its application in ink and paint filtration and is still used. Filtres PHILIPPE® invented and developed major equipment for solid/liquid separation: the bag filter, the Vertical Filter Press as well as the continuous horizontal plate press were all inventions of the early years. Finally, in 1947, Filtres PHILIPPE® built the first industrial vacuum belt filterThe very first belt filter was used for phosphoric acid filtration. The development of Filtres PHILIPPE® vacuum belt filters continued and in 1974 Filtres PHILIPPE® build the very first vacuum belt filters with 120 sqm filtration surface.


ln 1981Filtres PHILIPPE® joined the Aoustin group of companies. 

Aoustin is well known for the manufacturing of UCEGO table filters used for phosphoric acid production. Today, about 80% of the phosphoric acid table filters in operation are UCEGO filters.


Today, Filtres PHILIPPE® offers the most advanced range of vacuum belt filters in the world. 

The experience gained in phosphate rock and phosphoric acid filtration is considerableFiltres PHILIPPE® vacuum belt filters are also used for hemi and dihydrate processes range from 1,8 sqm up to 105 sqm.

With over a century of experience acquired from installing hundreds of leading mineral processing and bulk chemical production facilities worldwide, Filtres Philippe® is the oldest brand for liquid solid separation and separation needs.



Skorpion Zinc Mine comprises an opencast mine and refinery and is located in the south west of Namibia. The belt filter began operating in 2007 treating an oxide orebody to recover zinc by means of a leaching, solvent extraction and electro-winning process. The tailings produced from the leaching process is belt filtered to recover soluble zinc, justifying the expense of filtration. The filter cake is a fine grained material with significant clay and mica fractions and has a high average moisture content of 40% (water mass/total mass). project.