HASLER Group in the cement process

HASLER® equipment ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability, helping you make your production center profitable. So you will take advantage of our machines, our know-how, and the agile approach of our company on a human scale. Continuous dosing, constant measurement of feed rates and mixing of materials; Constant measurement of the weighing of raw materials and pulverized coal in the furnace.
From the reception of the raw material in the factory to the dispatch of bag or bulk cement, the manufacturing process is strictly controlled according to very strict international standards.
HASLER Group in the cement process

To meet all bulk material proportioning needs in a cement plant, HASLER Group designed and developed a full range of equipment, combining quality and reliability :

Why choose HASLER Group for your cement production?

Because we have been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining your dosing equipment for since 1944.

And also we provide specific solution:

  • A tailor-made and unique design for your dosing process,
  • A preliminary design study in collaboration with your technical teams,
  • The parameters of your process analyzed: density, granulometry, moisture, temperature, flowrate, safety standards, ATEX, etc…
  • Mechanical calculation tools,
  • The elaboration of a complete file: equipment plans, accurate technical data.

Then we own a real market expertise:

  • More than 70 years of experience in all cement processes,
  • More than 15,000 dosing equipments installed worldwide,
  • A technical and hydraulic database,
  • A technological surveillance.

In conclusion, the durability of your equipment and your process:

  • A study that optimizes performance, functionality, reliability and economy,
  • A controlled French production,
  • Dosers components coming from well-known manufacturers,
  • On-site interventions, assembly, inspection, commissioning assistance and maintenance,
  • Trained and mobile technicians around the world,
  • An after-sale service and a spare parts service,
  • ISO 9001 quality management.

Weigh Belt feeders for granular and powdery materials.

Used for continuous gravimetric feeding of bulk solids when weight accuracy is critical and availability is limited.


Apron extractor Weigh feeders

Apron extractor Weigh feeders are used for difficult products to extract, in the ore crushing workshop or for coke ovens. HASLER Group’s range of equipment allow the flow measurement and dosing of raw materials such as pellets, clinker and limestone or coal … .

Apron extractor weigh feeder
HASLER Goup electronic

Controllers & Electronic Ears

Each weigh feeder needs a system of regulation in order to respect the instruction of flow. These regulators PID (Proportional Integral and Derivative) function uninterrupted or in batch. They are integrated in cases guarantors to the standards of insulation and etancheity. The consoles of control and dialogue facilitate the man-machine interfaces.

Electronic Controller BFC
Electronic ear Sound-2
NEW SOUND 2 Advanced numeric electronic ear
SOUND 2 ADVANCED Electronic ear
NEW SOUND 2 Premium numeric electronic ear
SOUND 2 PREMIUM Electronic ear
Control module for static weighing
Static weighing
WFC is used for HASLER® SIMPLE weight beltfeeders
WFC controller
Controler of HASLER weigh belt feeder
Doseur - extracteur pour l'alimentation de fours en cimenterie avec des matériaux alternatifs

Weigh belt feeders for alternative fuels

HASLER, bolstered up by many successes in alternative fuels, is able to study and provide a complete fitting solution for any waste fuel  to be metered.

Gravit Light
weighing hopper


Screws, rotary lock or any extraction device to feed the weighing system.

Control module for static weighing

Rotary Weigh feeders

Double level rotary weighfeeder.

Twin Rotaweigh
Doseur pondéral à perte de poids

Loss in Weigh Feeders

Totally enclosed gravimetric feeding device for powdery or small granular bulk solid materials and liquids. Products family ranging from a few kg/h to 30t/h.

Doseur pondéral à perte de poids

Flow Feeder & Meters

Used in many continuous industrial processes requiring metering of free flowing powdery or small granular solid bulk materials.



For easy installation into 3rd party conveyors built for rugged use and outdoor environment such as quarries, gravel processing, mining, cement, fertilizer and chemical processing plants.
Our range of belt scales is composed of Smart Belt Scale (SBS), Large Belt Scale (LBS), for belt conveyors, and Smart Apron Scale (SAS), for apron conveyors.

Smart Belt Scale
Conveyor belt scale (SBS)
Smart Apron Scale for Apron for apron conveyors
Conveyor belt scale (SAS)
Belt conveyors for high flow rate and speed (LBS)

Weighing Hopper

Developed for glass industry applications, HASLER supplies batching systems in mild- or stainless steel execution.

Doseur pondéral à perte de poids
Doseur pondéral à perte de poids
Doseur pondéral à perte de poids
chaine de calibration pour vérification de la précsion de la bonde transporteuse ou du doseur

Calibration chains

Calibration chains are usefull accessories to ease the calibration of conveyor belts equipped with integrating scales or weigh belt feeders.

Calibration chains


High accurate electronic load cells determine the weight. The weighbridge is a prefabricated concrete or steel unit. On request, it can, however, also be cast in situ according to oour drawings and statics.

HASLER trucks scales
HASLER trucks scale