Chemistry industry by Hasler

The fine and specialty chemicals market is in constant evolution, with numerous innovative products and formulations. The UCP™ processing technology of HASLER Group allows us to assist our clients in the development of their continuous production lines by integrating numerous phases into a single piece of equipment. To complement the UCP™, HASLER® dosing and LUMPP® mixing allow us to offer complete solutions that meet criteria for quality and energy savings.

Some applications :
– Wet or dry granulation processes in flavours and ingredients
– Polymerisation, polycondensation, chemical reactions
– Formulation of high solids products (>90%) in various areas (batteries, ceramics, explosives, plastics, etc.)
The base chemicals industry uses continuous processes which HASLER Group solutions can cater for. FILTRES PHILIPPE® filtration, HASLER® dosing and LUMPP® mixing solutions demonstrate their quality across numerous processes in terms of their reliability, robustness and performance, guaranteeing our clients high, optimised levels of production.

Some applications :
Bicarbonate of soda, amino-acids, glass, silica, base
polymers (PVC, PS, etc.).