Chemical industry is the manufacture of products by controlled molecular synthesis. It is a process industry where raw materials undergo chemical transformations as well as physical ones.

In 2014, the turnover of the global chemical industry amounted to € 3,232 billion, up 2.6% in value compared to 2013. Due to lower chemical prices, sales growth was 3.5% in volume, which is above world economic growth.By region, the chemical activity closely followed the economic evolutions of the countries. She also benefited from the good performance of world trade, trade in chemicals (exports and imports) increasing by 2.3% in volume
in 2014 compared to 2013. In Asia, chemical production continued to increase sharply (+ 5.1% in value) driven by significant growth in China (+ 10.3% in value).Conversely, the sector in South Korea recorded a slight contraction (-0.4% in value).

HASLER Group range of equipments for this industry :

mixers for chemistry market

LUMPP®‘s expertise in mixers for chemistry

In order to answer the chemical industry market needs, LUMPP® offers :

  • mixers without sealing
  • mixers with sealing

Those mixers are equipped with high performance impellers to work in every type of environment. LUMPP specifically sizes its equipment depending on the specific task: reaction, homogenization, gas dispersion, shear, high viscosity mixture…

In order to go further in the understanding of the process, LUMPP can offer a numerical simulation (CFD) such helping to determine the most adequate equipment to your conditions.

Our equipment can be designed to work in a multidisciplinary tanks working at various levels.

We adapt our delivery depending on the specific needs of your project. Maintenance of mechanical seals is facilitated by our quick hydraulic dismounting system. Depending on the environment, our equipment is ATEX certified for the requested zone.

Agitateurs industriels pour la chimie
Top entry mixers
Customized mixers

Horizontal vacuum belt filter : Filtre Philippe®

Filtre PHILIPPE® introduced one of the earliest horizontal vacuum belt filters to the market in 1947. Since then, we continue to keep our clients’ needs a priority, with cost-effective systems designed for longevity and reliability. With over 500 systems installed worldwide, we have supplied solutions for a wide range of applications. Careful attention is paid to every detail from factory production to final assembly in your facility. As with all of our products, we aim to respect the environment in every way possible.


Mixers MX series : Malaxeurs Guittard®

Double sigma blade Malaxeurs GUITTARD® systems have a durable and rugged design, ideal to meet the challenges of mixing, blending and kneading high-viscosity materials. Whether mixing adhesives, ceramics, colors/pigments, lubricants, metal pastes, food products, molding compounds, rubber, explosives, pharmaceuticals amongst many others, we have a mixing system suited to your application.

Mixers MX series : Malaxeurs Guittard®
Rotary vacuum drum filter Filtres VERNAY

Rotary vacuum drum filter : vernay® filter

If your application requires minimal space and low investment, VERNAY® filter vacuum and rotary filtration units are a simple design with few moving parts, ensuring long life and maximum uptime . Flexibility is the key to the VERNAY® filter with the choice of:

  • different modes of discharge
  • of drum cells
  • construction and design equipment

Nobody offers as many choices and responds to your process constraints as well. The main advantage of the VERNAY® Filters rotary filter, in addition to its low operating and maintenance costs, is its relationship between the floor space and the filtration surface. With units available up to 480 m², VERNAY® Filters is the best solution for the continuous production of high solids with large filtration zones.

Rotary vacuum drum filter Filtres VERNAY
Vernay® filter

Ultimate continuous processor : AOUSTIN®continuous kneader

Continuous extrusion machine is a piece of equipment that serves chemical, polymerization or crystallization processes that are very demanding. Our engineers designed the AOUSTIN continuous kneader with innovative technologies that will consistently help your production process develop and excell. The twin screw system in the continuous extrusion machine insures that you end up with a homogenous mix that meets the quality standards you have set yourself to achieve.

For a complete smooth extrusion of products with very high rheologies (such as millions of centipoises), one should choose a company which has solid references. HASLER Group engineers will help you chose the right continuous extrusion machine

AOUSTIN continuous kneader