Speciality chemistry and para-chemistry are based on lower production volumes than basic chemistry, but on the manufacture of more complex products with more elaborate molecules, for the preparation of either semi-finished or finished products.

For this kind of application, the UCP™ will be prized for its flexibility, its multi-tasking and multi-phase capacities and its ability to provide a profitable and reliable process solution.
Furthermore, as the products created are more expensive, it is essential to ensure close management of ingredients and to minimise the level of production rejects (scrap).

The UCP™ is a fitting resource in the following sectors:

  • Munitions and explosives
  • Glues, sealants and adhesives
  • Paste and powder paints
  • Oils and greases
  • Inks and pigments
  • Cosmetics
  • Pesticides
  • Flavourings
  • Gelatins
  • Chemicals for industrial use
  • Crop protection products
  • Hygiene and cleaning products
  • Products originating from green chemistry

Producing complex pastes with the UCP™

The production of complex pastes is a constant of this kind of industry and makes the UCP™ a particularly useful tool for exploring and implementing solutions.

In effect, these new production constraints are resulting in the use and combination of new and diverse ingredients, which are difficult to implement. Against this background, the UCP™ is a very powerful mixture development tool because of its technical characteristics, which make it so much more than a continuous mixer.

Our range enables us to be present at all stages of development, from laboratory formulation to industrial plants.


A high-performance continuous mixer AOUSTIN

The AOUSTIN contiuous kneader®is a part of special industrial equipment for continuous mixing, with a wide range of possible uses. All of these possible uses represent what we call processing.
Our continuous processing solutions are designed for viscous compotions, i.e. mixtures that, some stage of their transformation, reach a viscosity greater than 50,000 cps (50 Pa s)

Extrudeuse double vis
AOUSTIN-Continous kneader

GUITTARD® : malaxeur Z-blade

Malaxeurs GUITTARD®: a recognised brand name
Malaxeurs GUITTARD® have been used in the laboratories of numerous companies around the world for decades.
Our current range offers mainly Z-blade mixing systems for laboratories.
This range is suitable for a wide variety of applications in sanitary, explosive (ATEX) or other environments.
It is equipped with practical options, including extraction from the chamber using an extrusion screw.

Malaxeurs GUITTARD® MX série
Malaxeurs Guittard Lab Series


Developed specifically for powders in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, the Novamix® delivers outstanding performance thanks to its tulip-shaped form and grinding system that guarantees a consistently uniform mixture.

Doseurs à bande Gravit pour le dosage, le pesage des matériaux granuleux, utilisé dans les cimenteries, ainsi que différents procédés.


Weigh belt feeder for granular materials


Mixers for chemistry

In order to answer the chemical industry market needs, LUMPP offers mixers without sealing and mixers with sealing.

Those mixers are equipped with high performance impellers to work in every type of environment. LUMPP specifically sizes its equipment depending on the specific task: reaction, homogenization, gas dispersion, shear, high viscosity mixture…

In order to go further in the understanding of the process, LUMPP can offer a numerical simulation (CFD) such helping to determine the most adequate equipment to your conditions.

Our equipment can be designed to work in a multidisciplinary tanks working at various levels.

We adapt our delivery depending on the specific needs of your project. Maintenance of mechanical seals is facilitated by our quick hydraulic dismounting system. Depending on the environment, our equipment is ATEX certified for the requested zone.

Agitateurs industriels pour la chimie
Top entry mixers with sealing
Customized mixers