HASLER Group in the environment market

The environment market brings lots of deeper changes in the industry. New market segments appear. Others are evolving due to the appearance of increasingly strong environmental constraints.

HASLER Group is involved in environmental protection markets.

This is the case for the radioactive waste treatment, the recovery of kiln dust, or the removal of sulfur dioxide (SO 2) (FGD process (Flue-Gas Desulfurization)) in the fossil-fuel power plants where HASLER Group with its solutions Filtres PHILIPPE®, UCPTM processing, and LUMPP® industrial mixers supports the main Asian market players in need of reducing their environmental impact.

Finally, the HASLER Group is very involved in the water treatment market with LUMPP® brand, to homogenize, coagulate, mature, neutralize, treat sludge, as well as enable the production of Biogas. Our equipment and know-how also allow us to respond to industrial desalination issues.

Flue Gas Desulfurization

Desulfurization is a chemical process for the reduction of sulfur dioxides. Sulfur dioxide comes in the industry from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal. Mainly in thermal power plants.

Desulfurization processes

HASLER-Group in wet FGD process :

Water treatment

What is water treatment ?

Water is a fragile resource and is essential to the development of mankind. Waste water treatment is a major public health issue in many countries throughout the world. Water treatment is the process that removes contaminants (organic and mineral) from industrial or municipal water. To be injected back in the usable water circuit, it needs to undergo one or more physico-chemical processes that vary according to the final use, whether it has to be drinking water or not. The use of the treated water is either industrial or municipal.

Specificities of the water treatment market

There is more and more wasted water to be treated in the world and it becomes a challenge every day to handle it in short, middle and long term. Water treatment processes run continuously and deal with clear liquids as well as sludge. Equipment operating in this process has to face different rheology, in thin as well as in viscous fluids.

These environments require simple, efficient and economical equipment.

Steps for mixing water treatment

LUMPP® stirrers are designed to work in :

  1. coagulation,
  2. flocculation,
  3. neutralization,
  4. lime milk production,
  5. Digester

This 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each agitator is sized to meet the specific need of the application. If the environment requires it, LUMPP® can offer you its ATEX certified agitators.

Our production volume will enable you to acquire our equipment at the best prices on the market and our production teams will be able to offer you our equipment within the time frame adapted to this market and your constraints. Benefiting from real experience and international recognition, we have the opportunity to deliver everywhere, in all geographical areas while maintaining the same efficiency and the same guarantee. Our supervision teams experienced in an international environment will also be able to accompany you locally.