Industry perspectives

Batteries and energy storage

Expertise on the battery market

Present on the battery production market for the past few decades, the UCP™ is adapting to changes in the requirements of energy storage systems.

Whatever the industrial sector, the UCP™ is able to cope with various constraints, whether these relate to production volumes or the incorporation of micro-ingredientsinto a mixture.

In effect, given the need to produce several thousand batteries with state-of-the art technical requirements, or to produce immense volumes of battery paste in large runs for more common applications, the UCP™ is able to satisfy the very different technical-economic constraints of these applications.

  • Industrial batteries
  • Batteries for wheeled equipment/vehicles
  • Batteries for electronic equipment
  • Storage batteries for domestic use
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Small batteries

Thematic folder : Mixing when facing new industrial priorities White

How can mixing, which is simply defined as the work of viscous products, relate to the industrial priorities of today and the future?
The following pages provide an overview of this viewpoint.

Thematic folder : Mixing when facing new industrial priorities White

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