Industry perspectives

Green products

Developing green products: moving towards new industrial opportunities

The UCP™ offers a wide range of possibilities for developing green products.

These often use new ingredients or seek to combine materials that can be difficult to mix. This incorporation may be total or partial.

Whether in terms of the process or the product to be developed, the UCP™ reveals innovative industrial possibilities within the framework of the green economy.

These include, for example:

  • Working on biomass
  • Using recycled products (recovery of industrial waste)
  • Using water as a solvent
  • Reducing binding agents and hazardous products
  • Identifying energy-efficient equipment (low power consumption)
  • Fibre, lignocellulose, sawdust, etc. based formulations
  • Using organically sourced products (e.g.: bio-ethanol)
  • Producing “green” compounds
  • Using and producing innovative materials and composites

Thematic folder : Mixing when facing new industrial priorities White

How can mixing, which is simply defined as the work of viscous products, relate to the industrial priorities of today and the future?
The following pages provide an overview of this viewpoint.

Thematic folder : Mixing when facing new industrial priorities White

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