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Agitation solutions in municipal and industrial water waste treatment

HASLER GROUP with it’s agitation brand LUMPP® offers stirring solutions at each step of the water treatment process. With in-fine the objective of optimizing the performance of the stations by improving the consumption of agitators in the basins.

LUMPP® impellers for municipal and industrial water treatment ponds.

Lumpp imppellers for water waste treatmen

Lumpp range of impellers for industrial mixers in water waste treatment

Different impellers profiles for differents mix.

The mobile devices adapted to each stage of the water treatment process/strong>

  • Impeller LA

    The propeller type LA is a stirring mobile particularly well suited to water storage tanks. Indeed, its small encroachment, the small surface as well as the slight inclination of its blades offer an ideal configuration to the gentle agitations. The arrangement of its blades can offer high shear. This is why, in the case of water treatment, the LA propeller is an equipment very well suited to the preparation of lime milk, for example.  LA impeller reduces hanging threads. (See 5 steps in water waste treatment).

  • Impeller LB

    LB propeller has very flexible hydraulic characteristics. Dedicated to medium and high agitation, the LB impeller is ​​used – in the water treatment process – for flocculation, reagent preparation and neutralization… (See 5 steps in water waste treatment).

  • Impeller LBS

    LBS is a variant of LC Impeller, with a greater inclination compared to the horizontal which discharges and allows to develop a reinforced flow

  • Impeller LC

    LC impeller offers axial flow profile, average surface. Available – in water water treatment application – for the suspension of solids whose concentration is less than 10%, the LC propeller  has a good homogenization capacity. Very homogeneous, it can be used in all stages of water treatment, especially for coagulation tanks, flocculation and neutralization.

Equipments in water waste  treatment

HASLER Group, through LUMPP® brand offers  3 mixers types :

Top entry mixers without sealing

The vertical agitators without sealing are equipped with electric motors associated with a gear motor between 0.55 and 45 kW. The engine speed varies between 200 and 400 revolutions per minute. The shaft length up to 6,000 mm and the diameter of the mobile can be up to 850 mm. (See top-entry-mixers-without-sealing technical sheet).

Side entry mixers.

Side entry mixers are small mixers equiped with electric motors associed with a reducer providing power from 0,18 et 30 kW. motor speed between 1500 et 10 revolutions per minute. Lenght shaft up to 6 000 mm and impeller diameter up to 5 000 mm. (See top-entry-mixers-without-sealing technical sheet).


LUMPP® offers digesters for tertiary treatment unit with a liquid methanisation unit in water waste treatment plant. Equipped with electric motors associated with a power reducer up to 37 kW, the digesters are large agitators with very large blades ! We manufacture stirring machines up to 3500 mm, the stirring shafts of the mobile are up to 25 meters. The watertightness of the tank is ensured by hydraulic guard without wearing part. Finally, this equipment meets the ATEX standard.

Options for mixers in water waste treatment

Easy assembly and maintenance of your stirrer
  • PTC probes
  • Motor + Reducer (specific request)
  • Level adjuster plate
  • Fixing with double base frame
Frequency inverter: to control and optimize the performance of your stirrer, especially for flocculation stations.


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