Industry perspectives

Innovative materials

The building industry, and construction in general, offer numerous opportunities to make use of the capacities of the UCP™.

Rethinking the mixing of innovative materials

In effect, innovative materials in this sector are driving the need to explore new technical and economic possibilities. The challenge is considerable, keeping in mind that the main objective is to improve performance while reducing costs.

This is also a sector in which a very large number of new ingredients are tested, especially organic ingredients from green industry (plant fibre).

This sector also includes applications where there is a desire to incorporate nano ingredients.

State-of-the-art technical applications

The second major area for materials relates to technical applications.

The scope of application for composites and even materials for the production of objects or vehicles (boats, planes, cars) is also wide open to innovation.

Here too, the UCP™ finds a place in the development of the products of the future.

Thematic folder : Mixing when facing new industrial priorities White

How can mixing, which is simply defined as the work of viscous products, relate to the industrial priorities of today and the future?
The following pages provide an overview of this viewpoint.

Thematic folder : Mixing when facing new industrial priorities White

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