Industry perspectives

Mixers for the Hydrometallurgy

Hydrometallurgy is the process to separate in liquid phase. This metal extraction technique lies on the dissolution of different metals present in an ore or a concentrate to separate them and value them. Nickel, uranium and copper are examples of materials that undergo this process.

Hydrometallurgy is opposed to pyrometallurgy which is the process that separates metals by using different melting temperatures.

Hydrometallurgy is composed of three major steps :

  • Leaching : dissolution of the ore in acid
  • Purification of impurities, mainly on heavy metals, by electrochemical reduction or carburization
  • Selective separation of metals

The hydrometallurgy market

Minerals are mainly extracted from mines all over the globes. Hydrometallurgy processes are therefore used worldwide.
Production sites operate continuously and generate increasing productions. They are often located in hardly accessible places.
Lixivation process can take place under a certain pressure and temperature and in a highly corrosive and dusty environment.
In these processes the use of specific industrial mixers is essential.

LUMPP’S expertise in mixers for hydrometallurgy

In order to answer the hydrometallurgy market needs, LUMPP offers :

Particularly suitable for the hydrometallurgy industry, our mixers are designed to perform in very demanding processes, in tanks with high capacity and large dimensions.

Corrosion resistant, our equipment creates very efficient mixing allowing proper mineral dissolution in a corrosive environment under great pressure, if necessary, and under high temperatures.

To achieve this, our mixers are equipped with specific high axial flow impellers and renowned sealing systems.

Mixers are made with materials such as 904L, 52N+, 1.4410, Alloy 28 or even Titanium or Tantalum in order to resist the drastic operating conditions.

The design of LUMPP mixers make them simple equipment to maintain and also highly reliable.

LUMPP will also adapt the equipment to meet your particular specifications.