Industry perspectives

Mixing solutions in fine chemical market field

What is industrial mixing ?

This consist in suspending solid particles, blending miscible liquids, dispersing a gaz through the liquid, dispersing a second liquid to form an emulsion.

Agitateur industriel type

  • Promote mass transfer, reaction, for various viscosity.

  • Mixing can be versatile in the same tank, so mixers must be designed for many actions.

  • Take into account the pressure and temperature conditions inside the tank

  • Dangerous environments: ATEX

Industrial mixers for chemical market

HASLER Group through LUMPP®’s brand provides a wide range of equipment to optimize performance and ensure good homogenization to promote reactions.

High performance propellers

 LUMPP Turbine mixing of low viscuous liquids  Chemical Chemical reactor Impeller for indstrial mixer in chemical market

  • Axial flow propeller

  • Combination of a propeller + impeller with inclined blades or Rushton turbine.

  • Anchor or ribbon for viscous liquid

Industrial mixers for chemical applications

Optional implements for chemical market

Options : to facilitate the flushing

  • Impeller welded on the shaft or hub with special design pour éviter retention areas.
  • Sealing system = single flushed mechanical seal (simple or twin) – Design without coupling in the tank.

For higher viscosity :

  • Twin flow or double mouvement impeller
  • Ribbon impeller

Materials :

  • Stainless steel and nickel alloys
  • Zirconium
  • Titanium
  • Tantalum
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion coating
  • Pickled, passivated and / or polished materials.

Mechanical seal dismounting device

To facilitate maintenance operations, we have developed a disassembly system for the mechanical seal without removing the reducer (Spacer).

Disassembly device for the mechanical seal

Aseptique hub design

Our removable hub design for aseptic media minimizes retention areas.


30m3 tank, 220 C and 10 bar, installation in ATEX zone. Agitator 30kW at 63 rpm with lubricated mechanical seal

Agitator 30kW at 63 rpm with lubricated mechanical seal

Modelization for a sizing that fit your needs

Prepare modelization

  • Giving the exact geometry
  • Setting the good numerical law

Doing the good meshing refining

  • Ensure the good level of precision
  • Optimize the time calculation

Checking of the result

  • Velocity magnitude
  • Current line
  • Pressure magnitude
  • Any physical value that can help to understand the fluid Dynamics

Analysis of the result to define the good mixing solution

Modelization example in floculation tank

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    presentation of our mixing solution in chemical applications

    Mixing solutions in chemical applications

    How can industrial mixers to the chemical applications priorities of today and the future?
    The following pages provide an overview of this viewpoint.

    Mixing solutions in chemical applications

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