AOUSTIN® Continuous Kneader

Ultimate Continous Kneader

  • Extrudeuse double vis

AOUSTIN® Continuous Kneader is designed for mixing, kneading and blending a set of ingredients for viscous applications.
It allows to combine several steps into one process: Homogenization, Mixing, Kneading, Micro-Mixing Shear, Chemical Reaction, Degassing, Purification, Fonte, Crystallization, Cooking, Compaction, Densification, Disintegration, Crushing…
The two co-rotating shafts provide improved homogenization multiple degassing points offer the possibility to evacuate or optimize your recipe.

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    • Stuffer
    • Peripherals
    • Hot system
    • Cold system
    • Liquid feeder
    • Solid feeder
    • Front exit
    • Extruder
    • Finishing System
    • Vacuum deaeration
    • Production source
    Technical sheet

    Customer benefits

    • Robust design for continuous transformation of average materials at very high viscosity
    • Flexible pallet arrangements to meet the specific needs of each application
    • Flow rate range from 1 kg to 100 tonnes / hour
    • Self-cleaning
    • Auto-nettoyage
    • Possibility of degassing
    • Resistant to abrasion and corrosion
    • Mechanical or hydraulic variable speed drives
    • Easy customization
    • Excellent mixing performance continues
    • Available for a wide range of viscosity
    • Mult-option shares and multiphase
    • Mixing at low speed

    Why choose UCP® ?

    Our system of processing continuously is ideal for the viscous applications. THE AOUSTIN Continuous Kneader is your solution to optimize your formulations and process. THE Continuous Kneade is a help tool for the innovation.

    Human Machine Interface

    The UCPTM controller receives directly the information and process sensor signals. It allows fine regulation of the operation of the installation.


    HASLER® Feeders complete solutions

    We provide metering solutions ranging from a few grams to several dozen tonnes per hour.

    In line with UCPTM, we can offer solutions granulation and shaping with extruder type solutions, gear pump and mechanical systems.

    Standard sizes: Continuous Processor

    Screw diameter in
    inches / mm
    Internal length in mm218.543957016091011015201820218027403300365036504420
    Standard power / kw1.
    Max power / kw1.137.511303790150250150400560--
    Internal free volume /l0.10.782.557.5614.122.756.7113.519737867390815703065
    Exchange surface / m20.
    Weight / kg7030012001500180030004700110001420-----