Develop and test your formulations infinitely. Produce continuously your small volumes.

  • mélangeur en continu UCP-25

Imagine a development tool that offers you thousands of combinations to create your recipes and check the feasibility. The UCP 25 is a solution that integrates your development in a continuous mode. It off ers the double advantage of expanding your development possibilities and preparing an industrial phase with off ering a simple extrapolation. Here is a doubly competitive laboratory
equipment: it allows to create a perfectly homogeneous mix, with the good rheology for your application, and to explore an infinity of combinations thanks to its arrangement of modular pallets.

Produce continuously your small volumes

Achieve stable production with constant quality and controlled flow. The UCP 25 will meet the most demanding expectations. Simple to use in a production unit, the UCP connects to 220 V, takes very little space, is easy to clean and can be controlled remotely, with the help of a tablet that records all your data.Industrial mixer for small quantities

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  • Coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Battery
  • Ceramics
  • Flavours
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Fertilizer
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Plastic / Compounds
  • Food industry
  • Pharmacy
  • Pigments
Technical sheet


  • Homogenization,
  • Mixing,
  • Kneading,
  • Shearing,
  • Micro-Mixing,
  • Galenic,
  • Melting,
  • Compacting,
  • Disintegration,
  • Densification.


Control system

UCP allows a good traceability of the events and a precise production monitoring.

  • Speed setting
  • Temperature setting
  • Torque setting
  • Multiple user management
  • Alarm management
  • Security management


General characteristics UCP 25:

Material entry(ies): 1 solid + 4 liquids
Material equipment: stainless steel
Heating or cooling zone(s): 1
Motor type: synchronous motor. 2,2KW (90% efficiency)
Power supply : 220V single-phase
Temperature probe : 1

Mechanical characteristics: 
Min. Rotation speed: 37 tr/min Max.
Rotation speed: 375 tr/min
Pallet diameter: 25,4 mm
Max. torque available per shaft: 25 N.m
Working length: 218 mm 

Temperatures :
Minimum cooling circuit: -20°C
Max. heating circuit: 200°C
Overall dimensions : Width (with mobile unit): 670 mm
Height (with mobile unit): 1250 mm
Length (with mobile unit): 1350 mm
Weight (with mobile unit): 156 kg