Industrial Mixers

Industrial Mixers

  • Extrudeuse double vis

Mixers are made of a visible mechanical part named « head » and a hydraulic part in the tank named « impeller ». The mixer’s design depends on the operation to achieve. Industrial mixers are always composed of a visible mechanical part named « head mixer »and an hydraulic part inside the tank named « impeller ».The performance of the industrial process depends on the choice of the right impeller.

The performance of the industrial process highly depends on sizing and design of the complete mixer. For many years, LUMPP ® has been designing a wide range of impellers that answer even the highest demanding specifications of our clients as well as different models of heads that insure reliability and durability of our industrial mixers.

LUMPP ® offers a complete line of industrial mixers, impellers and rakes ranging up to 9 meters high, including propellers such as high performance propellers, specific rakes, anchor, ribbon, turbines, agitators, kneaders and blending system. Industrial mixers are also used in industries that manufacture products by mixing or synthesis such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, process industry and foods.

Mixing is achieved by putting into movement the various products together: liquid, solid, gas. The purpose of industrial mixing is to suspending solid particles, blending miscible liquids, dispersing a gas through the liquid, dispersing a second liquid to form an emulsion, and promoting heat transfer. The industrial mixer is designed to be integrated into a production facility. It has to be sized to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. HASLER Group provides several types of mixers such as top-entry mixers, side-entry mixers and bottom-entry mixers, rakes and thickeners.

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    • Stuffer
    • Peripherals
    • Hot system
    • Cold system
    • Liquid feeder
    • Solid feeder
    • Front exit
    • Extruder
    • Finishing System
    • Vacuum deaeration
    • Production source
    Technical sheet

    Customer benefits

    • Robust design for continuous transformation of average materials at very high viscosity
    • Flexible pallet arrangements to meet the specific needs of each application
    • Flow rate range from 1 kg to 100 tonnes / hour
    • Self-cleaning
    • Auto-nettoyage
    • Possibility of degassing
    • Resistant to abrasion and corrosion
    • Mechanical or hydraulic variable speed drives
    • Easy customization
    • Excellent mixing performance continues
    • Available for a wide range of viscosity
    • Mult-option shares and multiphase
    • Mixing at low speed

    Why choose UCP® ?

    Our system of processing continuously is ideal for the viscous applications. THE UCPTM is your solution to optimize your formulations and process. THE UCP is a help tool for the innovation.

    Human Machine Interface

    IHMThe UCPTM controller receives directly the information and process sensor signals. It allows fine regulation of the operation of the installation.

    HASLER® Feeders complete solutions

    We provide metering solutions ranging from a few grams to several dozen tonnes per hour.

    In line with UCPTM, we can offer solutions granulation and shaping with extruder type solutions, gear pump and mechanical systems.

    Standard sizes: Continuous Processor

    Screw diameter in
    inches / mm
    Internal length in mm218.543957016091011015201820218027403300365036504420
    Standard power / kw1.
    Max power / kw1.137.511303790150250150400560--
    Internal free volume /l0.10.782.557.5614.122.756.7113.519737867390815703065
    Exchange surface / m20.
    Weight / kg7030012001500180030004700110001420-----