Laboratory mixers & kneaders

  • mélangeur en continu UCP-25

Laboratory mixers are used to mix, these are instruments that help to form a homogenous mixture from more than one ingredient. Laboratory kneaders, on the other hand, are composed of two co-rotating axes, on which are assembly precisely shaped paddles that allow to perform the right actions.  

These actions are to knead, crystalize, degas, melt, compact, shear, encapsulate ,emulsify, homogenize, disperse, disintegrate, dissolve samples and many other actions. Laboratory mixers allow to mix from 1kg to 30 kg per hour and up 10 tons per hour (production scale). The flowrate (stable and regulated) is measured by the residence time of the raw materials in the device. 

Laboratory kneaders associated with solid and liquid feeders and managed by a recipe management software guarantee a precise and stable recipe. With a rotation range from 50 rpm to 350 rpm (production size) the material moves inside the laboratory kneaders thanks to the plug flow. The double jacket of the laboratory kneader allows the process area to be heated and cooled, without contaminating the product. A low L/D ratio limited the space in your factory.

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    • Coatings
    • Adhesives
    • Battery
    • Ceramics
    • Flavours
    • Hydrometallurgy
    • Fertilizer
    • Fine Chemicals
    • Cosmetics
    • Plastic / Compounds
    • Food industry
    • Pharmacy
    • Pigments
    Technical sheet


    • Homogenization,
    • Mixing,
    • Kneading,
    • Shearing,
    • Micro-Mixing,
    • Galenic,
    • Melting,
    • Compacting,
    • Disintegration,
    • Densification.


    Control system

    UCP allows a good traceability of the events and a precise production monitoring.

    • Speed setting
    • Temperature setting
    • Torque setting
    • Multiple user management
    • Alarm management
    • Security management


    General characteristics UCP 25:

    Material entry(ies): 1 solid + 4 liquids
    Material equipment: stainless steel
    Heating or cooling zone(s): 1
    Motor type: synchronous motor. 2,2KW (90% efficiency)
    Power supply : 220V single-phase
    Temperature probe : 1

    Mechanical characteristics: 
    Min. Rotation speed: 37 tr/min Max.
    Rotation speed: 375 tr/min
    Pallet diameter: 25,4 mm
    Max. torque available per shaft: 25 N.m
    Working length: 218 mm 

    Temperatures :
    Minimum cooling circuit: -20°C
    Max. heating circuit: 200°C
    Overall dimensions : Width (with mobile unit): 670 mm
    Height (with mobile unit): 1250 mm
    Length (with mobile unit): 1350 mm
    Weight (with mobile unit): 156 kg