MX Guittard Lab Series

Double Sigma Blade Laboratory Mixing Systems

Malaxeurs Guittard® has a comprehensive line of solutions to meet the challenges of mixing, blending and kneading high-viscosity materials in lab quantities. The Lab MX double sigma blade batch systems provide complete, homogenous mixing for any quantity, large or small.

Our MXE models have an extrusion screw that not only enhances the mixing process but also transfers and forms the final product.

Whether mixing adhesives, ceramics, colors/pigments, lubricants, metal pastes, food products, molding compounds, rubber, explosives or pharmaceuticals, we have a mixing system suited for your application.

Why choose the Lab Series

HASLER Group is a world leader in high-viscosity mixing, delivering a comprehensive line of systems specially designed for challenging materials in lab quantities.

Even when buying a small-scale system, there’s no need to forfeit design or features. Lab Series mixers are constructed entirely of non-corrosive stainless steel that won’t react with raw materials or mixed products.

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    • ceramics
    • colors
    • pigments
    • lubricants
    • metal
    • pastes
    • food products
    • molding compounds
    • rubber
    • explosives
    Technical sheet

    Key features

    • Working Capacity of .4 to 30 liters (.1 to 8 gallons)
    • Optional mono-screw extruder models available
    • Adjustable blade arm rotation
    • Quick disassembly for easy cleaning
    • Treated glass cover or stainless steel sight-glass for viewing the product during mixing
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Simple installation – single power cable /li>
    • Vacuum design available


    • Explosion-proof construction
    • Torque measurement
    • Additional vacuum pump
    • Additional oil or water heating units
    • PC-based data acquisition system

    Malaxeurs Guittard Lab Series® : product specifications

    MIXER MODELSWorkingRatedMaximum arm power for MX and MXEMaximum screw power for MXEEXTRUDER MODELS
    Capacities Litres (Gallon)S-Series (highviscosity) KW/HPL-Series (very highviscosity) KW/HPS-Series (highviscosity) KW/HPL-Series (very highviscosity) KW/HP
    MX 0.40.4 (0.1)0.6 (0.15)-0.75*/ 1*-1.1/1.5-
    MX11.5(0.4)2.25 (0.6)-1.5*/2*-1.1/1.5MXE1
    MX23 (0.8)4.5 (1.2)-1.5*/2*-1.1/1.5MXE2
    MX66(1.6)9 (2.36)-2.2*/3*-2.2/3MXE6
    MX1515 (4.0)22 (5.8)-4*/5.5*-2.2/3MXE15
    MX3030 (8.0)45 (11.8)2.2/3 - 1.8/2.55.5*7.5*-3/4MXE30

    Malaxeurs Guittard® Laboratory Series Product Discharge and drive options

    ModelProduct Discharge
    MXMixer with tilting trough
    MXEMixer extruder with stationery trough and discharge vian single extrusion screw

    * Total power of both arms