HASLER Group acquired RPA PROCESS in 2011

Created in 1993, RPA PROCESS Technologies was the result of Ronningen-Peter, and AOUSTIN Group merging

Ronningen-Petter, was supplier of liquid filtration equipment for industrial processes and filtration products, including bag, cartridge, media, and other devices. Groupe Aoustin was a manufacturer of liquid filtration systems and specialty mixer-extruders for manufacturing nuclear, coatings, adhesives, resins, and other chemical products.

This merge gave to this new company 145 years of experience and innovation in designing, developping and engineering filtration and mixing process equipment. Our focus is on liquid/solid separation and mixing/blending/kneading of high viscosity materials. A family owned and operated company, RPA Process is part of the JF Investment group, along with its sister company, HASLER International. Our four name brands include Filtres Philippe®, Filtres Vernay®, Malaxeurs Guittard® and Filtres Aoustin® Table Filter and trademarks Novamix™ and UCP™(Ultimate Continuous Processor)

RPA Process Overview :

  • < 2000’s : Groupe Aoustin of companies = Aoustin / Filtres Philippe / filtres Vernay / Malaxeurs Guittard
  • 2000 : Groupe Aoustin acquired by Ronningen-Peter (Dover)
  • 2001 : RPA Process Technologies is created from Ronningen-Peter and Groupe Aoustin
  • 2005-2006 : Opened office in Brazil/ China / morocco with local manufacturing (RPA Maghreb Service) / Services capabilities
  • 2007 : RPA process technologies acquired by a monetary Fund
  • 2008 :  Implementation of New Business Model
  • 2011 : Main assets of RPA Acquired by JFInvestment / Hasler Group : Creation of RPA PROCESS SAS
  • 2016 : RPA Process + LUMPP + HASLER International merged and became HASLER Group