For many years, HASLER Group has supported its customers and the end users around the world to assist customer’s staffs with relevant technical advise on the equipments use or adjustments.

Field technical assistance

Our experts are available in order to reach your site worldwide as fast as possible in order to perform trouble shooting and to give the dedicated advises or to do the repairs.

A preliminary phone assistance is sometimes necessary in order to solve the issue in a very short time. For that purpose, HASLER Group customer service team is available by e-mail or by phone : +33 474 161 270

The remote diagnostic

HASLER Group develops of a diagnostic and maintenance tool that breaks the bounds of time and distance when performing comissioning, maintenance or checking operations on production lines.

The principle of remote diagnostic

If you have trouble with your dosing system or production line after having made changes, you call us and download the concerned parameters.
This system allows the control through the phone line of your local PC by the remote PC located in the HASLER Group office.
Thus we’ll be able to help you solve the problem directly from our office, saving money and time.

Our customer service team is available in order to answer all your requests, in terms of technical assistance & trouble shooting but also commissioning, assemblying, maintenance, starting production, repairs, trainings, material tests, process tests


Diagnostic à distance HASLER Group