RPA Maintenance Services

RPA Maghreb Services is a division of HASLER Group fully dedicated to propose all industrial services around a new or installed HASLER Group equipment.

RPA Maintenance Services

Because HASLER Group propose capital equipment located in the critical path of the plant, RPA Maghreb Service is a support service which allows an optimum operating factor for each of our equipment.
RPA Maghreb follows up as operationnal manager for industrial processes, whether it is in the chemistry, fertilizers, mining or environment …

RPA Maghreb Services carry out the coverage of exploitation , the maintenance and the outsourcing of industrial units on your sites.

RPA Maghreb Services is a services supplier of industrial management undertaking concern thanks to :

  • Its capacity to realize an outsourcing by his highly qualified and experimented teams in the industrial, financial, legal circles …
  • Its big flexibility, its nearness and the contribution of personalized solutions
  • Its reliability, its previsibility
  • Its continuous innovation and the constant development of its process equipement
  • Its priority objective of financial optimization value and added value contributionin the manufacturing-products process
  • Its Management capacity.

Scope :

Beyond of the repairs optimization, HASLER Group also proposes you a reactive after-sales service, a technical hot line and a dedicated commercial and marketing team.

Evaluate process:

Our experts size your equipment by adapting it to your process and assists you the started.
Follow-up of the equipments assembly:
Our technicians in partnership with a local team ensure the construction follow-up of the site since the reception on your site until the stake in equipments production.

Supply of spare parts:

We make and supply all the spare parts and the consumables on all the devices of our range and mainly the «capitals» parts protecting from this fact the proper functioning of these equipments.

Technical expertise:

Equipments Analysis, audit and diagnosis by our technicians.

Propose and make the maintenance of equipments:

According to your request, we propose service contracts of expertise and assistance.

On all the equipments, our technical service proposes a custom-made solution.

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