With over 1,500 systems in operation in mineral processing and bulk chemical facilities worldwide, no one delivers more proven experience in filtration and separation than HASLER Group.

Solid liquid separation solutions

Respecting high quality standards in solid liquid separation is a crucial step to rendering excellent service while using effective and efficient means of production. In fact, at HASLER Group, we know all the challenges faced by manufacturers on their production lines. The field’s demand is high and constantly evolving. That is why our long expertise will allow us to conduct the project with you and make the installation of your filtration equipment a success.

HASLER group offers engineered solutions through all phases for the specific requirements of liquid/solid separation.

As filtration experts on a vast range of products and industries, we have the knowledge and expertise in all key areas for your application.

Most operations related to chemical process industries require solid liquid separation. HASLER Group has proven experience in the following liquid/solid separation applications:

  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Fertilizers
  • Environmental
  • Chemical Processing

Our array of filters include:

all this solid/liquid sepration equipment with continuous processing.

Quality solid/liquid separation equipments with World-Class Service

At HASLER Group, our filter systems are only part of the overall package we provide. Our specialists work with you throughout installation to review technical and process challenges, to ensure smooth operation, recommending solutions that meet your specific needs.

Additionally, we assist in revamping existing installations, training and process expertise, all to ensure your facility runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible with your new solid liquid separation machine.

All systems, from small pilot systems to large production applications, are custom engineered to meet all international standards and the specific demands of your application.


At PHILIPPE, we have been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining your filtration equipment for more than 90 years.

A specific solution:

  • A tailor-made and unique design for your filtration process,
  • A preliminary design study in collaboration with your technical teams,
  • The parameters of your process analyzed: slurry and composition, viscosity, particule size, density, Ph, temperature, flowrate, safety standards, ATEX, …
  • Mechanical calculation tools,
  • Buchner test : filtration, washing …
  • The elaboration of a complete file: equipment plans, accurate technical data.

A real expertise:

  • More than 90 years of experience in all processes,
  • More than 3,000 PHILIPPE Filters worldwide,
  • A technical database,
  • A watch on new technologies.

The durability of your equipment and your process:

  • A study that optimizes performance, functionality, reliability and economy,
  • A controlled French production,
  • Filters components coming from well-known manufacturers,
  • On-site interventions, assembly, inspection, commissioning assistance and maintenance,
  • Trained and mobile technicians around the world,
  • An after-sale service and a spare parts service,
  • ISO 9001 quality management.

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