When your application envolves high-viscosity products, ask for reliability and flexibility. HASLER Group has a strong experience serving these fields.

Choose long-time performance machines that allow today’s and tomorrow’s services. Your kneading machines will last longer. The fundamentals are quite simple; Precision, adaptability and strength of design ensure that HASLER Group continues to provide solutions with the highest quality and consistency, time after time.

Know-how, experience, knowledge

The continous process equipment portfolio provided by HASLER Group consists of : 

Malaxeurs Guittard®NOVAMIX™ and  each with original qualities and designs adaptable to any kind of application.

Through internal product development, company acquisitions and partnerships with companies such as O’Toole, Eurofilco and UTV, the design of our products have improved over time.

HASLER Group aims to produce high quality products with flexibility and reliability, always trying our hardest to respect the environment with reduced waste and energy consumption.

The foundation of HASLER GRoup is based on engineering principals, which still holds true today. The current range of kneading machines available is still based on the core fundamental principles, ensuring optimum performance to suit our clients’ needs.

Kneading machines

The kneading machines that we build will always meet the high existing demand on the sector thanks to our long lasting experience in the field of production equipment. Our engineers always work on innovations that will better serve a rapid changing industry. Get to know our range of extrusion machines and know that you can always contact us if you need help or advice on the one that better fits your needs and existing production site.

Why choose HASLER Group for your mixing needs ?

HASLER Group offers unparalleled product mixing with our batch mixers, granulators and AOUSTIN® continuous kneader, all adaptable to meet the challenging demands of the mixing market place.

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