Filtration tests

With our extensive databank of test results and years of experience, we have the skills to help our clients select the optimum vacuum filtration technology.

Laboratory tests have been performed for each project for the past 100 years, providing a vast resource of available information from the initial phase. This remains a theoretical approach to make preliminary evaluations and to determine filtration behaviour. HASLER Group has testing facilities around the world working on feasibility studies on new products, equipment sizing and industrial performance.

At HASLER Group we consider each and every one of our customers unique, which is why each test is customised to meet individual needs. For each application, we study a wide range of elements:

  • slurry characterisation
  • cake washing efficiency for optimum recovery
  • drying efficiency to reduce energy cost

Industrial scale-up is one of our specialties, which is why we are sure to take into account production hazards, capacity, operating costs and safety of all of our equipment.
Every component of our vacuum filtration equipment is adapted to our clients’ individual needs to guarantee optimum performance.
Our laboratory test service team is committed to providing the best filtration solutions no matter what type of application.


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    For more information on the filtration test, see the Büchner test page below.

    Büchner test

    Industrialists looking for a vacuum filtration solution need to secure their project.

    Büchner test