HASLER customer service centers ensure fast and efficient response. Our coordinating units guarantee an optimal information exchange with our service engineers.

Technical & Support assistance for commissionning

Commissioning, calibration and maintenance of equipments by highly qualified and multilingual engineers active worldwide.

Maintenance Contracts

Each contract is tailored to your exact needs and is influenced by the environment and the application of the equipment. Maintenance and regular control of the machines are realized by HASLER Group engineers and local technicians :

  • to keep your equipment in good operating condition;
  • to ensure a long-term life of your equipment and minimize downtime.


Send us your HASLER Group defective components and we will repair them on request. Our central coordinating units guarantee an optimal exchange of information with our technicians and provide a cost estimate within a few hours.

Claims management

Any complaint you may have will be processed systematically and quickly by our customer service.