Publication : 26 June 2019


HASLER Group, through its agitation brand LUMPP®, provides stirring solutions tailored to every stage of the water treatment process. Ultimately, the aim is to enhance station performance by optimizing the usage of agitators within the basins.

LUMPP® impellers for municipal and industrial water treatment ponds.

Lumpp range of impellers for industrial mixers in water waste treatment

Different impellers profiles for differents mix.

  • LA Impeller

The LA propeller type is a mobile mixer specially designed for water storage tanks. Its compact size, minimal surface area, and slightly inclined blades make it ideal for gentle agitation. The blade arrangement also allows for high shear, making the LA propeller well-suited for tasks such as lime milk preparation in water treatment processes. Additionally, the LA impeller helps reduce hanging threads, providing efficient mixing for various stages in water waste treatment.

  • LB Impeller

The LB propeller boasts highly adaptable hydraulic characteristics, making it suitable for medium to high agitation requirements. In the water treatment process, the LB impeller is commonly employed for tasks such as flocculation, reagent preparation, and neutralization. This versatility makes it an essential component across various stages of water waste treatment.

  • LBS Impeller

The LBS impeller is a variant of the LC impeller, featuring a greater inclination compared to the horizontal axis. This design promotes enhanced discharge and facilitates the development of a stronger flow.

  • LC Impeller

The LC impeller features an axial flow profile with an average surface area. It is commonly utilized in water treatment applications for suspending solids with concentrations below 10%. The LC propeller is known for its excellent homogenization capacity, making it highly suitable for various stages of water treatment, including coagulation tanks, flocculation, and neutralization. Its homogeneous mixing capability ensures efficient operations across different treatment processes.

Equipments in water waste treatment

Top entry mixer without sealing
Side-entry mixer

HASLER Group, through LUMPP® brand offers 3 mixers types:

  • Top-entry mixers without sealing

The unsealed vertical mixers are equipped with electric motors connected to a geared motor of between 0.55 and 45 kW. The motor speed varies between 200 and 400 rpm.

The shaft length can be up to 6,000 mm and the mobile diameter up to 850 mm.

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  • Side-entry mixers

Side entry mixers are compact mixers featuring electric motors coupled with reducers, delivering power ranging from 0.18 to 30 kW. The motor speed can vary from 1500 to 10 revolutions per minute. These mixers can have shaft lengths of up to 6,000 mm and impeller diameters of up to 500 mm.

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  • Digesters

LUMPP® provides digesters for tertiary treatment units in water waste treatment plants, featuring liquid methanization capabilities. These digesters are equipped with electric motors coupled with power reducers, offering capacities of up to 37 kW.

They are large agitators with oversized blades for efficient mixing. Our stirring machines can be manufactured up to 3500 mm in size, with stirring shafts reaching up to 25 meters in length.

The tanks are sealed with hydraulic guards, eliminating the need for wearing parts. Additionally, this equipment complies with the ATEX standard for hazardous environments.

Options for mixers in water waste treatment

  • Easy assembly and maintenance of your stirrer
    • PTC probes
    • Motor + Reducer (specific request)
    • Level adjuster plate
    • Fixing with double base frame
  • Frequency inverter: to control and optimize the performance of your stirrer, especially for flocculation stations.

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