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Mixers and kneaders for anode paste production

Today, most of the production of battery pastes is carried out in batch. There is therefore a real challenge for HASLER Group which aims to replace our UCP continuous mixer for this type of production.

Industrial mixer for battery paste can produce anode and cathode pastes, gel electrolytes, or battery separators in polymer or ceramic form. Switching to the continuous process is therefore a real plus for battery cell manufacturers.

Technical Interest of the HASLER Group mixing solution  :

  • Allows for rather hard mixes
  • Allows to make very viscous paste mixes and very effective on this mixture (= homogenization and dispersion in a viscous mixture)
  • Performs the continuous process and is part of a lean manufacturing logic (producing from A to Z without interruption)
  • Guarantees the proportions defined in advance

Switching to the continuous process will be an asset for battery production when it will provide better economic performance, i.e. lower production costs, and better technical control, i.e. – say develop more complex formulas with a high reliability index. It will also lead to the automation of the process and the reduction of inventory.

Not long ago, HASLER Group approached a start-up which wanted to open a factory in Europe for the manufacture of batteries. Following this merger, laboratory tests at HASLER Group were carried out to define the technical characteristics necessary for the continuous mixing/kneading solution in this market. HASLER Group also works in collaboration with several leading European players to develop major projects.

HASLER Group has gained expertise and know-how in the battery market, particularly in the manufacture of anode and cathode pastes, and has been able to develop skills in this sector, all in a continuous process. The perfect mastery of the HASLER Group of the mixing-dosing-control module is a real asset for the development of the factories of tomorrow.

6 years ago, battery production was very Asian-oriented . There was no  European engine. Awareness of the electric issue with the need to produce battery  in Europe, reinforced by scandals in the automotive industry, has led to the development of strong actions for the study and production of batteries. Gradually, Europe is seeking to increase its independence in this area. This created an opportunity for HASLER Group to offer its continuous mixing solution for the development of components for new batteries.

The battery market is a very large and highly segmented market: the most visible and imposing market is made up of batteries for the automotive industry and in itself justifies a good number of giga factory projects. Of course, other major markets exist, such as electronics, electricity storage, the military industry and mobility in the broad sense. Now, this very dynamic market is shaken p by a permanent need to improve performance and reduce costs.

*UCP = Ultimate Continuous Processor Machine.
Our industrial mixer UCP is a continuous mixer which has the advantage of mixing very viscous mixtures with high speed slow, no pressure and management of the residence time to obtain the ideal dough.

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