Continuous mixing solution for adhesive and sealant manufacturing

Produce adhesives and sealants with our continuous process equipment.

Switching to a continuous line will allow the customer to increase its production capacities in the same space as that used in batch and to develop more complex recipes.

This will also allow it to achieve considerable savings and have a high return on investment. The result will be to produce differently than the way the customer produces today.

The case began a few years ago, when a call for tenders for a large Z-arm mixer was launched by a major player in the mastic business, established internationally and based in the Paris region. HASLER Group is initially studying the invitation to tender but gives up developing a solution on a batch mixer. HASLER Group, on the other hand, proposes to bounce back from this need and to study continuous equipment to replace batch mixing, which constitutes an innovation in this sector. Tests are then carried out on the subject. The challenge was to succeed, in a limited residence time, in producing a complex recipe.

HASLER Group sells 3 tests and then obtains the agreement of a project realization, which includes feasibility studies and industrial sizing. The first partial results are positive since the equipment is technically and economically interesting for the customer. these encouraging results lead to the continuation of the project. HASLER Group took advantage of this study to invest in new laboratory resources and thus strengthen its testing capacities. After two years of testing, the company agrees to develop a pilot site that will allow testing and sampling, in order to produce batches to be tested with their customers.

The challenge was to know how to go from laboratory equipment to pilot equipment and then to industrial equipment while respecting changes in volume.

The customer therefore buys pilot equipment. This pilot must comply with the conditions of sale and these performances must respect them. The goal is to produce finished products in the sampling phase in order to then be able to supply industrial lines.

fabrication de colle et de mastics

HASLER Group continuous process solution is a continuous mixer which has the advantage of mixing very viscous mixtures with a slow speed, no pressure and management of the residence time to obtain the ideal dough

Technical interest of our Ultimate Continuous Processor :

  • Technical interests of the PCU:
  • Resists abrasion
  • Allows for rather difficult mixtures
  • Allows to make very viscous paste mixes and to be very effective on this mixture (= homogenization and dispersion in a viscous mixture), giving better stability over time of the finished product
  • Enables efficient de-bubbling of viscous products with a short residence time
  • Performs the continuous process and is part of a lean manufacturing logic (producing from A to Z without interruption
  • Ensures compliance with the formula when leaving the equipment

This project took a lot of development time and is still ongoing.

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