Integrating bio-based ingredients in your continuous production line

We consider our kneader as a technical opportunity for technological development or for the development of an innovative solution.

Several uses are possible on the natural ingredients market:

  • Manufacture of spare parts mixture of fibers and plastic. This is a very complicated process but the UCP improves this mixture (easier chemical treatment)
  • Dissolution technique
  • Alternative solutions to the use of solvent for the extraction of products (examples: essential oils)
  • Find substitutes for organic and natural solvents in gel form
  • Plastics
  • Mix of wood and plastic

Examples of applications: cellulose, biomaterials, bio-sourced plastics, biomaterials, biomass (wood chips, sawdust, bark)

Transforming the cellulose dough using twin-screw extrusion

Few years ago the green cellulose market,wich consists of exploiting bio-based ingredients was a growing market that aims to gradually replace petrochemical products such as plastics. These biobased products also go in the direction of the development of fully recyclable end products. The goal is to offer a continuous solution on the green cellulose market.

The project was born in a paper production unit in France. As a reminder, paper is a mixture of water and fibers, which will subsequently undergo treatment. The goal of this project is to advance the technology of paper production, hence the proposal of HASLER Group to move to a continuous process. For this case, a UCP 25 is therefore sold to carry out tests with our collaborator: the UCP then appears as an alternative solution to the refining solutions already in place in paper production. It is an innovative R&D project that is currently underway.

How can our UCP mixer produce more at a lower cost ?

Optimizing production yields involves reducing water consumption, reducing the proportion of reagents, and reducing the energy consumption of the entire production line. The UCP has proved its worth here and in the future, there are strong possibilities of a switch to a larger UCP to test it on large volumes, and thus set up specifications to adapt the UCP to this market.

Our continuous mixer can mix very viscous mixtures with a slow speed, no pressure and management of the residence time to obtain the ideal pulp

Technical interest :

  • Resists abrasion
  • Allows for rather hard mixes
  • Allows for very viscous dough mixtures and very effective on this mixture (= homogenization and dispersion in a viscous mixture)
  • Performs the continuous process and is part of a lean manufacturing logic (producing from A to Z without interruption)
  • Find out more about the UCP = Ultimate Continuous Processor

More about UCP = Ultimate Continuous Processor