Laboratory scale or small volumes mixer for viscous application production

Develop and test your formulations infinitely

Imagine a development tool that offers you thousands of combinations to create your recipes and check the feasibility. The UCP 25 is a solution that integrates your development in a continuous mode. It off ers the double advantage of expanding your development possibilities and preparing an industrial phase with off ering a
simple extrapolation. Here is a doubly competitive laboratory equipment: it allows to create a perfectly
homogeneous mix, with the good rheology for your application, and to explore an infinity of combinations thanks to its arrangement of modular pallets.

Produce continuously your small volumes

Achieve stable production with constant quality and controlled flow. The UCP 25 will meet the most demanding expectations. Simple to use in a production unit, the UCP connects to 220 V, takes very little space, is easy to clean and can be controlled remotely, with the help of a tablet that records all your data.

All in 1 laboratory équipement

Extrudeuse bivis avec 2 axes co-rotatifs

A paddle arrangement specificially adapted to your process

A wide range of paddles allows to compose an optimal arrangement. The organization of paddles
enables successive steps to achieve the expected final product.

Industrialisation & performance

Two co-rotating shafts

The two co-rotating shafts provide better homogenization and ensure consistent quality of the final product.


Multiple feeding and degassing points, wide feeding section

It allows to introduce the materials with a wide range of particle size as well as components of low apparent density.

All your phases in a single device







Produce your small volumes with our continuous mixer

Commande du malaxeur en continu UCP 25

Control system

According to its control system our kneader UCP allows a good traceability of the events and a precise
production monitoring.

• Speed setting
• Temperature setting
• Torque setting
• Multiple user management
• Alarm management
• Security management

malaxeur pour laboratoir economique et performant

A winning solution because it is economical

• Low maintenance cost
• Low energy consumption
• Optimized investment (less equipment, simplified process)
• Reduced storage costs
• A controlled operating cost
• Less waste produced


Sign of performance

• A great capacity to deal with high added value applications
• The possibility of managing several production phases in a single equipment (all in one)

Our test center helps you test and develop new products for your commercial applications.

Homogenising battery patse, food additiives, ceramics, biomass, bondings